Where can I find parade schedules?


I have already planned a day by day, which parks to hit, itinerary for when I am at WDW at the end of this month. However, it just hit me that some parades may only operate on certain days. We want to hit the big ones. Does anyone know where I can find the parade schedules for the parks, starting the weekend after Thanksgiving?


You can find the parade schedule at www.disneyworld.com, by going to the calendar, and clicking on a specific date, park, etc.

Also, www.allearsnet.com has a schedule of the parades as well. You will also get a schedule when you check in at your resort.


When you get to your hotel you can get a “Times and Information” guide for Disney from your guest service desk.


I believe the three o’clock parade is at 3:00. But I could be wrong. :wink:


The official Disney website as listed above actually has a pretty good itinerary planner which lets you plan activities, and save info such as confirmation #'s which you can print later. The website has the hours of the parades and also the fireworks shows. I did exactly what you are doing, & because I was able to find the days that spectromagic will be on (for example) I then realized that I should change some ADR’s. Good luck with the plans.


As many times as we go to Disney, we always pick up a time schedule. They are located next to the maps at all the theme parks. :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


You can also go to www.disneyworld.com and click on calendars. Pick the park and month then when the month comes up click on the date for special events and parade schedules for that day.


Thanks, all! Looks like we won’t miss anything!