Where can I get a good price on a Disney cruise


I’m thinking of booking the April 19th cruise on the Magic. I priced it on Disneys site…boy is it expensive! Is there any where I can find a cheaper price? Any way to bring the cost down?

We will either book one room for 4, or 2 rooms for 2. I think I would need at least a window but I really want a verandah!


Check out this site.

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Try Mousketrips. Keith got us a great rate both time have booked. We are going April 5th!


I am curious too…I want to take a cruise but the cost is sooooooooooo high:pinch: I hope someone has a secret.


Just play around. Cheaptickets usually has some good prices on cruises. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz. They’re probably all priced about the same, but it never hurts to play with numbers and see what you can get.

I’ll tell you with the balcony, though… you really don’t need one in the Caribbean. It’s just all blue, everywhere. If you want to see something, you can go to the top deck and look out. The rooms at the front of the ship and the back of the ship are best. They’re sideways, so you’ll get two to four big, round windows, depending on location. It’s really fun to watch the ship dock (front rooms) and be able to see where you’re going. You don’t spend all too much time in your room, so the balcony on a Caribbean cruise is pretty much a waste, if you ask me.


I would be really nervous about booking a cruise anyplace other than a travel agent or the cruiseline website or telephone reservations directly.

Maybe it’s just me, but if you book an airplane ticket through a discounter, and something goes wrong witht he ticket, you can pretty much hop on a different plane and go about your trip.

But to get to Miami (or wherever), with your bags packed and so forth, only to find that there is a problem with the cruise ticket? End of vacation.

I know, I am chicken… but I’d call Mouseketrips or the cruise line itself.


It is my understanding that there is no such thing as a discounted room on the boat. Also all rooms accomodate 4 so you would be better off just getting one room. What you might be able to find is an offer where you get onboard ship credit- You can use this for gratuities and drinks if you like. The best way to get a discount trip is to book it as far in advance as you can- unlike other cruises the disney cruise gets more expensive the closer to sail date- they also rarely have rooms last min to upgrade to. The ship sells out almost every time. But it is worth the $$ regardless!


The secret is join DVC and use points.

Cruises seem high at first glance, but you have to remeber that the price includes your lodging, all the GOOD food and drinks (sorry not the GOOD stuff)you can eat, and entertainment.

You have to compare it to doing parks, staying on site at deluxe resort, and 3-4 table service meals a day PLUS snacks.


You know how you can get rooms really cheap… (only handy if you live near a cruise port and have ample free time) come packed to the port, and if they have space, they want to fill the ship, so they’ll let you on with major discounts. My parents have some friends who have done that before.

I don’t think that will work in your situation, though. However, if when your kids move out, and you’d like some cruising time, you might consider moving to a cruise port… I could see my parents doing that in five years (oh, so soon!)


Well I did it! I booked an OV GTY, thats all they had left for an oceanview! I called a few places and they all gave me the exact price that I got on the Disney site.

Seems strange that they would only have OV GTYs left. If all the OVs are sold, how can they GTY me an OV?


Last minute deals or if you are a AAA member you can call them. We found one with them once at nearly 40% savings… Too bad we couldnt take it because of schedule conflict…


Good for you! I am surprised you got the same prices from a travel agent. By OV I assume you mean at Cat 8 or Cat 9? It means that you will get at least that if not better. You may get bumped to a higher Cat. :mickey:


I’m pretty surprized too. The two agents I spoke to in person knew less about Disney Cruises than me…and I don’t know that much! They had no idea what a secert port hole was when I asked if they had any available. I also emailed a couple of internet agents, one sent me a quote identical to Disneys site and I didn’t hear back from the other one.

We got a cat 8. It would be very nice to be upgraded, does that happen often with a GTY?


I called this one and was given the same quote that I got from Disneys website. When I asked about any discounts, the agent said he could give me a discount but it would come out of his pocket!

Well I don’t want to take money out of anyones pocket so I said thank you very much and hung up!


Just wondering if the rate quoted on his site was what he quoted you or was it higher? Also known as bait & switch.


I hear about it a lot on DISboards. They have a very active and fun to read cruise board. Of course there are plenty of people who do not get upgraded. Have your purchased the Passporter Guide To Disney Cruises? It is a great read and so fun to get in the mood for the cruise. You really should check it out!


It was higher. He said taxes weren’t included. I think the site showed $4660(or something close to that) and was for 2A and 2C. You had to read the fine print to see that it was an additional $200.00 for children over 13 so I was guessing it would be around $4860 for us but the real price was $5573.92! (same as Disney)


I will definately get the passporter! And I already ordered the planning DVD. I have a lot to learn!


Travel Agents get the exact same price as any other Guest. The only difference would be if the Travel Agent takes a cut on their commission.


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