Where can I get pins quick?


I will be taking a quick trip to WDW next week for MNSSHP and was wondering where can I get pins at before I leave. Im talking about some cheap traders for my kids. Does the Disney store sell them? If I bought off of Ebay I dont thin I will rec in time to leave on tuesday. Thanks all:heart:


Do they have a starter lanyard yet? IF not you can buy them a lanyard at a park gift shop. Those come with a few starter pins.(4?) CM’s are usually very good about trading with the kids… even if they are starter pins.


My older DD has a [in book filled but she doesnt want to trade those. I wonder if Disney store sells any??:confused:


Our local Disney stores stopped selling pins about 5 years ago. I’m not sure how you can get them quickly other then paying a bunch for faster shipping…hope you find some. Good luck!


You could do a buy it now option on ebay… and like BDavis932 says, pay for overnight or next day delivery. Sorry I am out of suggestions.


I do remember seeing some at my Disney store. Perhaps I should go get ready and take a drive down there. I do need to figure out a costume for MNSSHP:happy:


Disney.com | Shopping | Home has $10 off any order of $50 or more Today only and $20 off any order of $80 or more. The code is “TODAY”. Maybe the discount will offset the add’l delivery fees.

I just looked through the pin sets and the only “deal” on pins I see are the high school musical pins (set of 4 for $14.95)…When we find a deal I usually buy several of the same and the kids keep a set in their keepers collection and trade the rest.


Where is my brain today?!?!?! I forgot I could get faster shipping:laugh:


The one is deptford has a few pins for sale…the last time I was there I think there was a choice of 3 total. It’s better than nothing. I don’t think they are official traders though.


Thanks Dana for the info. Thats where Im off to now.


They are with the keychains and stuff…near the park-like merchandise right in the front of the store before you get in line to pay.


Last time I was there the CM told me that we could rade them in the parks but I will look on the back before I purchase becuase I dont want any problems when I get to MK. I seen a few on clearance also last time…


I just went to my local Disney store and they dont have any in at this time. Last time I was there they had some on clearance… The CM told me that they will have some more in on Sunday morn so I will check back there.


Would it not be easier to pick up some of the starter sets from the parks? If you can’t manage to get hold of any soon I think thats your only option. Our disney store over here carries the odd pin from time to time so we usually buy a whole bunch and keep hold to trade when were in WDW, but they havnt had any since PoTC3 an Cars!


That would proablly be my best bet


Since you are driving, why not stop at the outlet store that sells cheap WDW merchandise. They have pins from what I have heard. you may be able to get some cheap pins that way.


The Disney outlet we have nearby does sell pins at a very good price. I am going to get over there as often as I can between now and our November trip so I can stock the kids lanyards before we get there. They have never traded, just collected. I think it will be fun for them this time to trade.


GREAT IDEA:heart: :heart: :heart:


Where is the outlet??? I am staying at Best western lakeside on irlo brunson rd or something. Is it over by there or where? Do u know if its in an outlet mall type of thing? Is so Im about to mapquest it and go:phone: