Where can I meet a certain character?


I NEED to meet jack Sparrow this time. I swear I will not leave WDW till I find him and get a pic!!! Does anyone know where to find him at? Is he only there for Pirates and Princess party? thanks all


Captian jack has the pirate tutorial several times a day in the magic kingdom near the POTC attraction. I believe he does some autographs afterward. Any time you are looking for a certain character, you simply go up to a CM and ask them where that character can be found and where. They are more than likely able to tell you.


Thanks for the heads up!


:pirate: Just adding to what Dana said…When we were there in February, the Pirate Tutorial times were on the white and blue slip of paper that they give you at the entrance…the one that tells you what time the parades, fireworks, shows, etc. are. :happy:


He was in the first building to the left as you enter Adventureland… Across from Swiss Family Robinson Tree House before the TIKI Ride…


I was also going to suggest the Pirate Tutorial, along with a meet & greet room across from Swiss Family Robinson Tree House that they use for the P&PP. Also, since you are from NJ, if you go to the big World of Disney store in NYC he appears there for photos & a tutorial also.


Awesome to know he is NYC if I dont get to meet him this week.


If you don’t look too hard, you could extend your trip by a few days. :wink:


:laugh: I was just thinking that:laugh: My DH said he is getting sick and tired of me saying I will not leave untill I meet Jack Sparrow. He asked me how much will it take for me just to stay there:laugh: He isnt a Disney buff so Im excited to leave him home. I actually was just on the phone with SWA to see what air would be 3 days later than what I am coming home


You do realize you won’t be meeting Johnny Depp, right? :laugh: