Where can we find the best seafood?


My DH loves good fresh seafood. He loves crab cakes. I’m booking Fulton’s are there other places with good seafood? We’ll do the fish & chips thing in England.

Thanks for your help!


Narcoossee’s at the GF. Cali Grill at the CR


Coral Reef is really good.


I must have had an off day when I ate aat CR. I didn’t like it:huh:


Good sushi.


I completely agree with Rich, these are my two favorites for seafood, but I hear that Fulton’s at Downtown Disney is pretty good.


I thought coral reef ws ok. Im in the same boat. I want to book some seafood adrs


Todd English’s BlueZoo is supposed to be phenomenal! It’s in the Dolphin.


We love Narcoossee’s, we’re going there for our anniversary this trip.

We’ve done the CR my DD says it’s cruel to eat seafood when their family could be watching! :ohmy:

I’ll check out the menus for Cali Grill and Blue Zoo.



Flying fish has great crabcakes.


We LOVE blue zoo…Also, Flyin Fish on the boardwalk.
Now I’m hungry.:laugh:


Foultons at DD also has great crabcakes


We loved everything about Flying Fish. Good food, good service, beautiful restaurant.


Coral Reef is a pale shadow of what it once was.

Others have posted, and I agree:
Fulton’s, Narcoossee’s, Todd English’s bluezoo, Flying Fish, and to a lesser extent California Grill. CG does have extensive sushi offerings however.
Fulton’s tops the list.


We just got back and ate mostly seafood the entire trip. Vote for the best crab cakes went to the Brown Derby. They were really good.(much to my surprise) The Grouper is fantastic too.

We enjoyed the Flying Fish also. The Potato wrapped Snapper and the Scallops are excellent.

The Tuna Oscar at Kona…yum.:wub:

Lobster from Nacroosees is divine.

The best Scallops and I mean the best both DH and have ever had were at the California Grill. OMGosh!!!:wub:

Ragland Road had a delicious entree called Its Not Bleedin Chowder filled with all sorts of seafood and we order it every time we go.

There are so many really good options available at WDW. I will post my TR soon filled with lots of pics so check it out.


It’s phenomenal, all right… in prices. :pinch: Definitely check out the menu before you go. And they don’t even have crab cakes.


There are so many really good options available at WDW. I will post my TR soon filled with lots of pics so check it out.[/QUOTE]

Great I can’t wait to read your TR!


Well, Gucci food usually comes with Gucci prices:laugh:


I’ll go for Cape May Cafe!!!