Where can you buy Disney Hopper pass


Hi everybody,

Does any body have any suggestions from where to buy Disney Hopper pass with no expiry date?



I know that you can buy them online at Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . . Look under Explore & Plan on the site on the left side of the screen it says tickets. Once you are there click on purchase tickets for everyone on your trip, then once you get there you pick how many days you want your tickets for and above the days there are boxes that you check off that say hopper pass, no expration dates etc. My DM did this for our trip back in May. I also know that the disney store sells park hopper tickets Im just not sure if they offer the no exp tickets.

Hope this helps.


I know you can buy passes at the Disney Store in the malls too. Not sure about the expiration thingy though.


You can buy them at ticketmania.com as well.


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