Where did DC go?


I just was wondering whatever happened to our official Disney Central mascot, D.C. The Bear? He went with us on our trip last May and I kept up with him and the scrapboook a little after we passed him off to the next family. But I haven’t heard for a while. Did he retire to Florida permanently or is he still travelling?


He was with us in January. As far as I know he is still traveling.


He is in the mail on his way to ME ME ME!!!
He is helping me move in to the Commons and my first few days at WDW :biggrin:


Whew! I was wondering the same thing. I forgot about him heading to you tessa…I’m a flake these days. I hope he gets you all settled in. :heart:


I would LOVE to take him to DL with me!!! Would that be possible?


Check the DC the Bear sticky thread in Mouscellaneous - The Mouse Trap to see what his plans are…then, PM Dana!


Tessa - I guess if there is no one between me & you we could just arrange to hand him off when I get there sometime! (If you don’t want to worry about mailing him to me…) PM me and let me know what you want to do. We’ll arrive on April 23 and be there through the 30th! :mickey:


What a lucky little bear. He gets to travel EVERYWHERE!! Now he’s going to Canada and gets to go to WDW with the Pirate Princess? What a lucky bear… :biggrin:


Awesome Allyson, we’ll for sure meet up and I can pass you the bear, that would be grand :biggrin:


Hmmm… My girls would love to host this little bears travels when we are in WDW in May!! I will have to check this thread as well!


YEAH!!! :wub: I can’t wait!!! I get to meet Princess Tessa!! A CM in all her glory!! :wub:


MickeyRon - it looks like your trip is right after mine. Maybe I could leave him at your resort for you?? (if there’s no one else on the list for that week, that is…) When you get on DC’s schedule let me know!!


I think we need a DC update - listing everywhere DC been & who he (she?) has vacationed with…

HEY - I’ve got it! A DC Meet and Greet of families he (she?) has vacationed with! Whatya thyink?


This Bear is never around when I travel. I may have to plan a trip round the bear