Where do I find Disney Racers?


Hey all, I am new to these boards…forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong area…but I am trying to find online stores where I can purchase the single packed Disneyland Exclusive cars. The ones that are characters such as Steamboat Willie, Donald, Mickey, Simba, Goofy, Monorail, Buzz, Zurg…etc…etc…they are similar to the ones that came out 3 or four years ago that were 2 per pack, but now they are all single packed…I saw quite a few at Disneyland when I visited there a week ago, but I never picked them up. I see them on ebay but too high priced. They are 1:64 scale and are pretty much shaped like the character with wheels like a Hot Wheel…Please help me find these cool cars…:blush:


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I’ve never heard of these cars, but if I find a store that has them, I’ll tell you asap. :happy:


Yeah, I saw them in Disneyland on Main Street, I saw them at California Adventure in a store.

Thanks…let me know if you see any of them…you can’t find them at retail as far as I know…only exclusive to the theme parks…I have a few of them in my collection. :laugh:



Disney Shopping: Disney Racers - The LaughingPlace Store

They sure do look like fun!


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Have you tried ebay?


Anymore info?


I don’t know, as I’m not really into model cars and stuff like that… but try Ebay, you can probably get them cheaper there than in the parks.


anyone know of any other places?


Oh no! Something new to collect! These look great!


anyone seen these anywhere else?


We bought some at the World of Disney Store ( I think that was the name) at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.


Anyone have these Disney Racers to sell me or TRADE?


we found the Disney Racers at the general store at POR. We got the one that looks like a monorail.:blink:


Anymore help? Anyone have these Disney Racers to trade? or sell?


anyone find these racers?