Where do you buy WDW tickets?


I know there are a lot of sites to buy WDW tickets from…I, however, have only bought tickets in a package so I am not aware of which ones offer the best deals and which ones maybe to steer clear of?

My friends are going in about a month and are staying off property and need to purchase tickets.

Where do you guys get tickets when they are not in a package???

which ones should she beware of??



I have purchased tickets from ticketmania several times, and I completely trust them. They mail you real Disney tickets, and you get them very quick!


I have always bought my tickets from Disney, either at check in if on property or at the gate if staying off property. I just feel better about it and I know that the tickets are legitiment. The few dollars I can save isn’t worth the worry to me. I have never seen a place that offers tickets for much less than what you can get with a package.


I worry about buying them anywhere but through Disney, so I’ve never looked at other options. If you find something great and reliable, let us know :slight_smile:


We always buy our tickets through Disney. This close I would do Will Call just so I didn’t have to worry about tickets getting to me. We did Will Call a few years ago and it was easy, we went a ticket window at MK and they printed them for us. I even forgot to take our order number and they still found our tickets using my name and address.


I book directly through Disney but once I used Maple Leaf (I think that’s the name). It’s the place Allears recommends for buying tickets. They were fast and reliable when I used them.


In the past at the mall from the disney store.


Always bought ours through Disney too before we had the AP’s.


We have bought through a package, at the Disney Store, Parks, & resort.


I buy directly at Disney…usually because I always fear I will forget them if I purchase them from Disney beforehand. I would never buy from anyone that’s not Disney…just because I’d always be worrying about the validity and the last thing I want to do on vacay is worry about if my tickets are any good.


AAA or the Disney Store.


I always buy from an online ticket broker if I have time. If I’m last minute then I go to the Disney store.


I buy from Disney at the gates but I have heard of a couple of people using omar at Maple leaf and being happy with him


I have used Maple Leaf Tickets many times and have been VERY happy with their service. I would recommend them to anyone!


We have pretty much always purchased the tickets through Disney. One year we bought the tickets at the Disney store and did not have any problems once we were at the gates. If you purchase the tickets from anywhere besides Disney, I would suggest keeping receipts, or confirmation numbers just in case.


Undercover Tourist through MouseSavers for regular and park hoppers but not APs. But there are several places you can purchase them without a worry about reliablity. TicketMania for one.


We have purchased through the Disney store in the past and most recently have been buying directly through Disney directly. We have AP’s, so we renew them on property.


We have bought from Omar at Maple Leaf Tickets. We have also bought from Undercover Tourist through a link in the Mousesavers Newsletter–using the link gets you an even better price than going directly to the website. We have never had a problem with either and would recommend either one to anyone. In fact, I have recommended both to friends and family.


Not to thread-jack, but how much can you save buying from Maple Leaf Tickets or Undercover Tourist?


I used Undercover Tourist last year for my Mother’s tickets. They had a special 6 nights for the price of 4.