Where do YOU go in the Rain?


It’s your 1st trip to WDW. You wake up in the morning for your 1st full day of seeing the Magic. You’re hoping for a beautiful sunny day, but look outside to see rain. You listen to the weather…rain all day. What would you do? Where would you go? Keep in mind you have no car with you. I know this won’t happen to us…EVERY day will be sunny, warm and beautiful (keeping fingers crossed). Statistics show that April is the least rainiest month in Florida. But, if it does rain, what would you suggest? Thanks for your tips!


I’d put on my shoes…some capris (so my pants dont get soaked on the bottom) and my raincoat…and off i’d go to the parks…hey…the lines will be small


but…realistically…id go to DisneyQuest…and spend the day at DQ and DTD :flowers:


We went in June in 2003. We had rain almost every day. We put on our ponchos and did everything we could. We were determined not to let it stop us at all. Course we were pretty tired of being soggy, but what the heck…Disney is fun anytime.


I’m all for ponchos and the parks!! Why not?? Provided there’s no lightning, rain wouldn’t stop us!


MK in my poncho, no doubt about it!

You wouldn’t BELIEVE how rain clears out that park. It’s GREAT!!! :biggrin:


I’d go anyway! Ponchos and NO CROWDS!!!


I’d Got to the parks for sure, bad weater means no crowds.


I love the parks in the rain…they empty out pretty fast. Most, if not all, of the rides are still operating and no wait!


as long as its not a lightning storm ponchos and MK


Epcot or MGM is your best bet in the rain. Epcot more so because you can spend hours inside exploring inoventions.


If it was my first day, definitely go to the parks! If I’d been there for a few days, maybe I’d use the day for shopping at DTD.


If there was no lightening . . . to the parks with ponchos! If it was major downpour/storm . . . to the arcade at the resort! :mickey:


I hit the parks in my poncho too! :slight_smile:


Guess that explains why you should bring 2 pairs of sneakers with you!!! I already purchased 2 ponchos for each of us (at the Dollar Store) just in case. Would you pack any folding umbrellas, too?


I usually throw a couple in for the down pours.


I’ll have to go buy a few folding umbrellas, then. Only have 1 besides our huge one, which is way too big to pack! Thanks.


Except for a few minutes of sprinkles in 1991, I’ve never been rained on during my 4 trips to WDW!

January has pretty low rainfall amounts. Another perk to that time of year.


Put on your poncho and go to the parks.
No lines no waiting


Spread your luck our way, please. Your avatar is starting to look a little freaky. Can you make your eye blink?