Where has the time gone


I look at the trip reports and see all the families with young kids. Our 1st time to WDW my DD were 3 yo and 6 months. they are now 15 and 12. All of our vacations were to WDW and we cherished every moment. We will have to start planning anotherone because soon they will starting there own life with there own families. If I can give a young family advise. Go and enjoy as many times as you can the only thing you will leave behind is memories.

Am I the only one that has seen time fly right by.:eek:


I agree 100% Casey. I started taking mine when my oldest DS was 3. He’s 21 now. Used to be he’d bug me to buy him candy or ice cream. Now it’s, “mom, buy me a beer!” :eek:

What happened to my little boys??? :crying:


We never listened to our parents but they were right when they said time fly’s.


You guys are making me teary eyed. My DD is almost one… I can’t imagine her being a teen or in her 20s but I know it will happen sooner than Id like.


I remember being in your shoes. Remember all the things that annoy you now you will miss later.