Where in the world can I find a good Baked Potato?


My favourite meal in the WHOLE world is a baked potato, ceaser salad and chicken of some sort.
But where does Walt Disney World sell baked potatoes? Anywhere? Any counter service? Thanks!


Tessa, tessa, tessa… now i KNOW we are meant to be BFFs…

my FAVORITE food in the WORLD are potatoes!!! i LOVE the mashed potatoes at Liberty Tree, and the Chicken Caesar salad in the new counter service area in “The Land” pavillion is great!

the BEST mashed potatoes in “the world” are at Big River Grill and Brewery" on the Boardwalk!! Woohoo!


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ahhh Wish, we are such long lost twins!


I don’t know why but this post is making me laugh hysterically! You two REALLY love potatoes! :tongue:


I could eat nothing but potatoes. :angel:


This has got to be the most original post, EVER! ROFL!


Tessa, when you get to WDW in March, you have to get yourself over to POR and have them toss you up a fresh caesar salad! I eat it as often as I can! It’s great! It is in the food court, of all places!!!

And the chicken caesar salad at Typhoon Lagoon (at the Typhoon Tilly’s counter) is awesome too!


I love potatoes, I could easily live off them. There used to be a place at MGM that had baked potatoes but I don’t think it’s there now. I looked through Deb’s menus and didn’t see it. Does anyone else remember this place?


Mmmm, potatoes… They are my absolute favorite as well! I haven’t really found a place with baked potatoes yet though. Mainly just french fries and mashed potatoes is all I have been able to find. But I will keep looking. :mickey:


Yummy Yummy!! I LOVE a good baked potato…has anyone ever been to a deli called McAllisters, they make HUGE potatos and you can get all sorts of stuff “stuffed” in them…I actually think there is one in Orlando…
ANyways, as far as Baked Potatos in the world…I know there there have been some “Baked Potato Cart” rumors circulating latley…but on my trip last week I actually SAW one…and more then that…it was OPERATING!
Anyways, it was at the Magic Kingdom right in front of The Haunted Mansion in Libery Square.


OMGOODNESS! a baked potato CART?! heaven…I’m in heavennnnnn


They use to have stuffed baked potatoes at the Food Court in The Land - but since it’s been refurbished, I don’t know if they have them anymore.


Yep–that baked potato cart by the Haunted Mansion is the only one I know of. They have a fixin’s bar for it too, I believe.


I’ve never seen that, I’ll have to look for it in May. Now I’m excited, I love potatoes!


Now that you mention it, I remember seeing that the last time I was on parade control. I will have to go check it out sometime soon! Okay, by soon, that means I will probably swing by today. :laugh: :mickey:


You are so lucky!! I want a full ptoato report later.


This menu has a baked potato listed, I wonder it this is it.



Yep, that would be the area that it’s in. I love that place!


Will you please post a picture of the stand so we know what to look for?


Absolutely. I will try to get one up tomorrow morning if I make it over there today. I have to work until 1:15am tonight. :eek: If not today, for sure within the next few days. I just remembered I need to go to DTD to buy Valentine Day presents before work today, thus restricting my potato stand time. :laugh: Wow, my days sure are interesting around here…