Where is DC - our mascot?


Just was wondering where DC our mascot is at this moment and does he need a name change?

Aparently I have nothing better to do :blush:

My suggestions for names:

  1. Buzz
  2. Buzzer
  3. other


I don’t know where he is. But I did notice you have a countdown. Any details you’d like to share??:happy:


Wishful thinking darrrlinkk. Wishful thinking. And hoping. I should ask for pixie dust, but that’s reserved for more important issues :blush:


I’ll be happy to send you some. Everybody needs a little Disney in their lives!


No, I don’t think he should get a new name. He’s the only thing left from our former site’s name. I think we should keep it as is.


i like buzzer…


I agree with you Dana


I agree with Dana and slist, too.


what type of animal is DC?


He’s a bear.
So Dana, where is he?:confused:


DC is a really cute tan colored bear! We had the pleasure of his company on our recent cruise! I posted some great pics of him and his new friends on my recently completed (finally!) trip report!:laugh: :laugh: :pirate:

I believe he is still with WishUponAStar, but I’m not entirely certain!:happy:


any pics of him?


Here’s one:


Keep it DC!


i think he is cute. can i change my vote??? i want him to stay DC…


opps…forgot to tell you. He’s with wishuponastar in WDW right now. I don’t know where he goes next. I will have to check the list.


who’s bear is he?


He was my DD’s build a bear that she donated to mousebuzz (formerly disney central hense the name DC the bear).


i like him…


Hey thanks. My DD is constantly wanting to know who has him. I suggested us skipping him this trip and letting someone else get him and she was ticked off…lol She is dying to see what the scrapbook looks like now. I must admitt that’s got me anxious to see him too.