Where is it located?


My son who is 5 has just gotten more interested in cars (thanks to the movie) and he is interested in watching races …
My husband and I were talking about the Indy raceway at the MK and that there were bricks there somewhere on the ride that were from one of the racetracks… Where are those bricks? Does any body know? Thanks- from a non- Nascar fan!!!


Don’t know where the brick is…but it is from the “brickyard”


hmm…i didn’t even notice any bricks from the brickyard! If he is interested in Indy Racing, specifically, PM me & I’ll see what stuff I can find (I am super close to Indy)!


Not sure about where the brick is located these days. But, I do know during the groundbreaking ceremony for the WDW Speedway or “The Mickyard,” Indy Motor Speedway Chairman Mari Hulman George presented the track with one of the original paving bricks from the famous “Brickyard.” As far as I know, they have one brick. As far as the location is concerned, I have not a clue. Where’s Soundgod, he/she seems to know these kind of things! :laugh:


Not a clue.


Got me stumped on this one too…curious to see the answer.


ok- ya’ll know more than I do- even if you don’t know exactly where it is!!! Thanks anyway!


Not sure about the brick, but if he likes Cars make sure he meets Lightening McQueen and Mater at Disney Studios. Not Indy, but still really cool.


Is this what you would be referring to?

"On June 27, 1995, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Chairman of the Board Mari Hulman George took part in a groundbreaking ceremony. She presented the [Walt Disney World Speedway] track with one of the original paving bricks from the famous “Brickyard.”

If so, this is located in the World Disney World Speedway, NOT the Indy Speedway inside the MK park.

I took that above quote from…
Walt Disney World Speedway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(see timeline)


Quote from “The Complete Walt Disney World” Book by Julie and Mike Neal

Fun Finds: Page 98

“A brick from the 1909 pavement of the real Indy Speedway is embedded in the “starting line” between lanes 2 and 3, close to the elevated exit walkway”

(Love this book . . . you just gotta get it!!! :happy: )


The Brickyard means Indianapolis Speedway in Indiana. No Nascar fans out there???


Sorry, Nascar gives me hives. :laugh:


Nascar is a redneck, southern thing… :laugh:


I beg to differ. Us Midwest girls LOVE it.


hey, i live less than an hour from the brickyard - and I really, really dislike nascar!! well, maybe it’s not horrible, but I dislike the “hometown” boy that everyone in Southern Indiana, especially my town, seems to love!

The Indy 500, now that’s another story!!!


Indy means USAC, which became CART, which became IndyCar, and finally, IRL.
NASCAR is a relative newcomer to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


Thank you for that response. As I said, I knew the Mickyard had one presented to them during the groundbreaking ceremonies. I remember being at the race in 1996, I was 16 and was dragged there tooth and nail by my parents. I could have swore it was imbedded in the track. But, wasn’t 100% sure. I’m glad you have that book too, 'cause I was really curious to find the answer.


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