Where is Splash Moutain Man?


I am worried about splash mountain man. He lived on the gulf coast and was hit by Katrina (Like myself in Hattiesburg, Mississippi). I hope he and his family are ok. Let me know if any one hears from him. :sad: Or let us hear from you splash mountain man.


Fig, we’ve been talking about him in the Chit Chat forum (you have a few more posts to go before getting access to CC). He’s a military man. His base was evacuated. So we’re assuming he’s safe and probably helping with relief efforts.


I’m worried about them too, especially since I met him and his cutie pie on their trip a few weeks ago :frowning:


Oh wow. Did ya’ll meet on purpose or just bumped into each other and got to talking about the DC? It really is a small world. Neat :happy:


If I recall correctly, SplashMtnMan was heading for duty in S. Korea pretty soon too. At least I believe he was going to be there for the holidays…

And since he is in the Air Force he may been put to hard work in the gulf region… But I join everyone in the hopes that Katrina left him unscathed…


How are you doing in Hattiesburg? My in-laws live in Petal and DH’s grandmother has been staying with us since the storm…they didn’t have much damage at their house but I didn’t want her dealing with lack of AC, power, water, etc. She’s decided just to stay here until we all get back from WDW next month (she and DH’s mom are going with us).

How long have you been in “the hub city”??


Here the damage was bad but not as bad not nearly as bad along the coast or NO. THe power was out at our house for 9 days and in many areas of H’burg there are still people without power and water. I heard Petal had some pretty siginificant damage and I have some friends that live in Petal that I visited last weekend and saw some of the devistation there. I have lived in H’burg all of my life (22 years :happy: ) and will continue to live here as long as I can. It is a very nice town. How your family is doing well in Petal.


It is a very nice town…i really enjoyed the five years I lived there (1994-1999). Glad to know you faired okay.


Sorry guys, been a long journey since the hurricane hit us!!! We did get hit hard (lost everything), but moved on. All started with trying to figure out what to with my family since I was headed to Korea. We evacuated to Savannah, GA for a week and then found out the severity of our losses, so after much contemplating we decided that Seattle would be the place. So we drove all the way accross and stayed with family a few days until we could get a temporary place. I did end up in Korea, but only for about a month…the Air Force came to it’s senses and realized I really needed to be with my family to get our lives back together, so they moved me back with them in Seattle (McChord AFB specifically). So here I am and we are doing very well now with all considered. No need to harp on all the insurance issues, paperwork and all that hassle…bottom line is we survived and are back on our feet…I do pray everyday for those left behind that lost their lives and for those who are still there trying to survive everyday in that very battered place. I watched that first episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night and brought lots of tears to our family!!! Anyways, back to DC and very happy to be chatting again with my disney family here. Did I mention we are going to Disneyland in 2 weeks and staying at the Candy Cane Inn for a week. It will be our first time at DCA so looking forward to it…also looking forward to replacing some of the tons of Disney collectables we lost in the hurricane. We are also in the beginning stages of planning our 2 week WDW trip in June 2007!!! I am so happy to be back here and look forward to doing alot of catching up!!!


Sorry to hear about your loss SMM. You are right though…the important thing is that you are together safe and sound. Glad the AF realized that you needed to be with your family instead of Korea. Welcome back, glad you’ll be catching up with everyone here. Don’t miss Monsters Inc. at DCA…it’s very cute…oh also don’t forget to go and get your free tortilla the the Mission Tortilla factory:)


On our list for sure, thank you. :wink:

We will be there from the 9-15…everything I am reading says this is one of the most crowded times of the year, I am hoping it is bearable. But no matter, we’ll have a blast anyways!!! :tongue:


Yep…it will be pretty crowded…but just sorta go with the flow and you’ll be fine! Oh…DO NOT miss Remember! It is amazing! Get there early though so you get a good spot:)


SMM, so sorry to here about your loss, but I’m so happy to hear that you and your family are ok and are doing well. Have fun in DL and welcome back to DC! :happy:


So glad to hear that you are getting back on your feet.
Our AFB here Offutt is hosting some from Kessler also. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of them and hearing there stories.
Welcome Back to DC.


Wow! What a story! I’m so glad that you’re getting settled in your new home, after such a terrible loss. Enjoy your trip to DL! You deserve to have a super-wonderful time! Glad to see you back!


I don’t know you, but wanted to say “thank you” to you and all in the military for what you do for all of us. I’m sorry you suffered so much through Katrina and wish the best to you and your family.
Have a magical time at DL! You deserve it!


Hey SMM. I’m in the AF, stationed up here at Dover AFB. When I first started reading this thread I was gonna tell the folks here that if the PM’d me your first and last name that I’d try to find you on the Global, but then I saw you had responded later in the thread…

I was stationed at Keesler AFB from 98-2001 and I loved every minute of it. The area was awesome and the people were even better. The whole Katrina thing has really broken my heart. When I watched that Extreme Makeover last night, it brought me to tears. I was so happy to see EMO doing something for those poor people down there, because our govt has failed them so miserably…

Anyway… I just wanted to pop in really quick and say “hey” from a fellow AF member. I can’t wait to hear about your DL trip…and maybe see some pics… Take care.


Welcome back SSM!!!

Sorry for your loses, but I’m glad your family is safe.


Welcome back. Thank you for sharing your update with us.


So sorry for your losses, but glad to hear that you and your family are together and all safe. Holding you all in the Light!