Where is the crowd level thread?


I thought there used to be a crowd level thread, that would let you know the level on the day you were there? Going Sept. 13-16 and would like to know.:confused:


Here is the link in the crowd levels by Touring Plans…

TouringPlans.com - Plans which save you time and effort


babets, I just checked and the crowd level hovers between 5 and 4 that entire week.
Sept. 13, avoid MK
Sept. 14 avoid MK EP DS
Sept. 15 avoid DS AK
Sept. 16 avoid MK


I think this is the thread that you are talking about.



yep, its not something we can all get to now tho- you either have to have the book, or a subscription. it will give you the info for the next month for free tho.

I am not sure I even want to know for my week - I am hoping its no higher than 6!


Thanks everyone. The links helped me also!!:cool: