Where is the WDW Car Care Center?


I found a very good rate on an Alamo rental car, but we want to pick it up at the airport and return it to one of their sites at WDW at the end of the week (my parents will be picking us up a day later to take us to their condo for a few days, so it’s not convenient to go back to the airport). So, my question is, which of their sites would be easier to return the car to, the Dolphin Resort or the WDW Car Care Center? When we return the car, we might not have any other transportation to get back to POFQ, so I was thinking if we returned it at the Dolphin we could catch one of their buses to a park. But, I wasn’t sure where the Car Care Center is and if it’s close enough to anything to walk to and catch a bus. Anyone have any suggestions?


The car care center is out by the main gates. They have a shuttle bus that will take you back to your resort (and pick you up from the resort also).


If you’re staying near the Boardwalk, the one at the Dolphin may be easiest.
Even if you’re just intending to go to a park, the Dolphin is connected to MGM and Epcot by boat launch. No busses necessary.


That thought crossed my mind, but I wasn’t sure. That’s great news, thanks!


Great ideas, thanks!


The main car care center is at the EXIT to Magic Kingdom. THey have vans to take you back to resort.