Where is your favorite place for breakfast?


We usually just eat oatmeal in the room before we head to the parks. I wanted to surprise my husband with a breakfast ADR but I have no idea where to go.

Where do you usually go to eat breakfast?



So you are leaving for WDW in 1 day 18hrs and you are just NOW looking for a breakfast?!?!?:blink::ohmy:
You are going to be fired from the board of Disney Overplanners AnnoyMOUSE!!!:laugh::laugh:


So you are leaving for WDW in 1 day 18hrs and you are just NOW looking for a breakfast?!?!?
You are going to be fired from the board of Disney Overplanners AnnoyMOUSE!!!

What is the problem? Are you saying I waited too long?:huh:


Crystal Palace, hands down, at the MK. Walk up early and hope for the best. You must be a positive thinker though.


We used to like Spoodles for breakfast, but…

H&V was a decent buffet breakfast - more for the kids.

I heard Olivia’s in OKW has a nice breakfast.

As noted, you can walk-up to anyplace OR keep calling that ADR line through your vacation. Openings do pop up.


Kona Cafe at Poly. Recommend Tonga Toast!!! Come hungry.

Generally ADRs aren’t necessary except for busy times like weekends/holidays.

Another fun meal is Whispering Canyon at Wilderness. Make sure you ask for ketchup.


Another vote for Kona! I went with a party of 4, we all got something different and it all was AMAZING!!!


I always get chocolate croissants for breakfast…wherever we may happen to be in the morning!


I always get chocolate croissants for breakfast…

You can never go wrong with chocolate!


Thanks for all the replies. Keep them coming!


For table service I would say Crystal Palace.
For counter service main street bakery. For on counter service credit you can get a huge cin. roll and a ham and cheese croissant plus a drink. One credit is def. enough for two people to eat!


Disneymom, we really like to hit the pastry shop in France for some great coffee and some sort of croissant. Also terrific is Kringla, the Norway bake shop. They have a pastry called schoolboy bread, or something like that – I know someone will be along in a moment to correct it! LOL – it is horribly and terribly addictive, so be warned!


I forgot about this place! They have so many delicious things. The sweet pretzel is amazing - sugary and drizzled with chocolate! :wub:


For us it is Ohana! The monorail to the Poly is great. The food is brought to you in an all you care to eat skillet and the juice is so good.Lilo ,Stitch ,Pluto are there. It is loud but fun.We do it every trip!


choice 1- CRT
Choice 2- Crystal Palace
choice 3- stuffed french toast at Kona
choice 4- Ohana
choice 5 - eat granola bars in room and wait for lunch~!


Ok I’m worried- you are all talking about great breakfast places and nobody mentioned Goofy’s breakfast at Cape May…

I have never been there but was going to try it this trip? is this a bad choice.

Last trip we lived on the delicious chocolate chip muffins we got at the Boardwalk Bakery


Boardwalk Bakery, a cup of coffee and fresh baked goods before everyone starts walking around.


We enjoy Boma. They have a delish breakfast.


Deffinately Crystal Palace. We always make sure to have breakfast there once per trip.


Tusker House … We really enjoyed their breakfast. Donald, Goofy, and Daisy spent alot of time at our table for our daughter. Great!!!:pirate: