Where next?


After watching DCL:Behind the Scenes, I am really itching to go on another Disney cruise. I’ve done the Bahamas and Caribbean (and do not care to go back again), so I’m looking for something new. I realize Disney went to the Mediterranean this summer, but I’m playing around on their website, trying to book a Mediterranean cruise for next year, and it’s not letting me, so I suppose they’re moving the ship elsewhere. Has Disney announced where they are going next year?


MAybe you should ask your parents for input. I haven’t seen any announcements about new cruises but maybe they’d have some ideas. Are they willing to do another family Disney cruise?


That’s a good idea, Jess. Do your parents usually decide where your family goes?


Well - that’s an ambitious plan. A trip to Europe is a little more involved than a trip to the Caribbean.

I hope mom and dad know what you’re up to.:blink:


No. I pick the destination, the hotels, and find flights. :happy: My dad and I do all of the planning. And I can get my dad to go with almost whatever I want.

Europe is nothing. We went to Australia two years ago. Have yet to go to Hawaii as a family, though… I’ll get there some day.


Wow. Your parents must really love you. Way more than I love my children!:laugh:



My kids don’t even get to pick dinner. I cook, they eat.


Same here. I don’t mind imput about our vacations but if I’m paying I’m making the major decisions.


Australia may be a further trip but a trip to Europe is definitely not easy to plan! Dave and I are trying to plan one right now and there are so many choices and places to go…plus the language barriers! Oy vay!
Good luck


Right on, AE… Until they are 25 years old or so, kids should be seen and NOT heard! :wink: :rolleyes:


Amen - mine are 22 and 23 now - and I’m just beginning to let them talk!:laugh: :rolleyes:


Thanks for the guidelines, Llama! My eleven year old keeps sending me emails wondering when she will be allowed to speak up!:laugh:
Now I can let her know she has to keep quiet for another 11 or 12 years.:ph34r:


lol my daughter is in her 30’s … Now I listen, sometimes.


littlemissmajic seems to have it together… i find it amazing that she has done way more traveling than myself in a life that is less than half of my own… my wife traveled extensively as a child, adolecent, and has now gotten me involved. i, on the other hand, hardly ever traveled as a child. my first plane trip was at 17. the next at 25. some families just come up traveling and it’s nothing to it. my wife tells me she used to do all her own planning and would fly back and forth from here to miami by herself. her parent’s would send her to visit her grandparents every year. to her, it was nothing to get her own flight itinerary together at 13,14, and 15. shoot, i wouldn’t have been able to find the airline telephone number then. at any rate, i think littlemissmagic has it together. she seems quite smart for a teenager and she seems quite an extensive world traveler. keep going the way your going and you’ll be a leader. and another thing, you are lucky to have a father and mother that apparently support you so well.


Sounds like my mom! :smile:


:laugh: At least you put a smiley face after that!


So I’m guessing no one knows what the new ship iteneraries are for next summer…


I don’t think they have been announced just yet. Stay tuned. Has to be soon.