Where Oh Where


I can make all of my ADR’s in 13 days! Whoohoo!!

And I need suggestions…
(I would like them to be romantic honeymoon suggestions, the Dave would like beer to be involved…)

This is what we have so far:

Le Cellier
CHefs de France
Raglan Road
Rose and Crown (this one is a lock in…no if ands or buts)
Brown Derby
Prime Time
Kona Cafe (breakfast maybe?)

The ones inbold we have been to before…i’d like to change it up a bit…
Why are all the really good places to eat in Epcot???

So…gimmie some suggestions! (Oh, we only have 6 points on the Dining Plan…so we can only pick 6…we really dont want to do any of the 2 point places…because well…we like to eat)


You have to do LeCellier 1) cause the food is great and 2) you have to visit Tessa !!!


I also really like San Angel Inn (very romantic) and Coral Reef.


Le Cellier!!!


Well cinderbella, you have all my favorites listed! Especially the Rose & Crown! Oh…man…I’d love an “Imperial Sampler” right now!! :tongue:


Oh…I should add the Sci-Fi! We love it there! Excellent food, service, AND fun!!


Big River Brewing Company has great food AND great beer! Though the atmosphere is not terribly romantic. You can opt to sit outside on the Boardwalk though which is nice.

From what I remember they don’t take ADRs there though.


I don’t think the Brown Derby is worth 2 points on the dining plan. It was okay when I ate there, but I don’t think I would waste two dinners on it. There are much better choices that are only 1 point.


Artist Point is one of our MOST favorite…


I think the resturant at the French Pavillion seems very romantic…France just seems so romantic :heart: :heart: :heart: I wish I was getting married again (to my DH of course!!!)!


common homies! I know you guys like to eat!


Allright Bella,

I love Sci-fi!! Great Atmosphere and the food is pretty good. How bout the Morrocan place? I tried the Tangerine cafe and LOVED it.


Liberty Tree Tavern is not on your list, but is very very good. We tried it for the first time on our last trip and had a great time, that is until our 17 month old son decided to fold over his body on the table and swing his upper body back and forth. We caught most of the flying objects on the way the floor, but there was a little mess. Anyways, we didn’t get to try dessert, but what we ate of dinner was great!


Sorry…I know that must have been … well awful for you, but it sounds SO DARN FUNNY!!! :laugh: :biggrin: :whistling (sounds like something MY kid woulda done - about 14 years ago!)


Morraco was wonderful. We really enjoyed eating there in Feb.


Guinness stew at the Rose & Crown! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


You’ve read the reviews…

The non-stop ranking as Disneys # 1 …

:mickey: LeCellier!!! :mickey:


Oh, if you have never been to Le Cellier you have to try it. Great food!!!


Le Cellier FOR SURE!!

For lunch - Tangerine Cafe in Mexico is really great and a terrific atmosphere!!

You can always go to California Grille and do drinks and watch fireworks (especially if you eat at MK since its an alcohol free park)


Definatly Le Cellier!!
the atmosphere there is just so much different than so many of the other restaurants… it’s alot more intimate! (perfect for you honeymooners!!!)