Where shall we dine?


With the new rule now I’m able to make my dining reservations for my spring trip yet I haven’t even decided where we will stay yet! I thought I would have a bit of time before I needed to choose our dining plans. I’d like to try some new places, does anyone have any suggestions? :flowers:


Well you have to decide where youre staying first, lol. Really tho…how long will you be there and do you know what parks you will be going to?


Make your decisions quickly… I called to make reservations for the week that we are going to be there… I told the person taking reservations that I would like some lunch time reservations… She said- we have any time that you like… THIS WAS FOR EVERY RESERVATION… For Cinderella’s castle, she said,“I have never seen it so open. You make pick any time that you like.” Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I got evvery time with any restaturant aht I wanted… I am so excited!
I would suggest:
MK: Liberty Tree Tavern or CInderella’s castle
EPCOT: Any restaurant in the Wrold showcase, or Garden Grill if you have kids
MGM: The Brown Derby or 50’s prime time cafe

I hope that helps- good luck with your reservations…


Victoria and Alberts.


Whispering Canyon and Spoodles are our favorites!!


You may want to consider some of the more popular places, especially if there’s any you’ve missed so far:
Rose & Crown, Le Cellier, Whispering Canyon, 50’s Prime Time, Sci Fi Dine In, Crystal Palace, Raglan Road, California Grill, and Ohanas.


oh there are so many good restaurant’s to dine at during your trip. here are some of my faves:

MK: Crystal Palace and Liberty Tree Tavern
MGM: 50’s Prime Time Cafe
California Grille at the Contemporary
Ohana at the Polynesian
Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club
Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge

i hope i was of some help for you in planning where to eat. if i remember any more, i’ll be sure to post them.


Some of our favorites are Boma at AKL (definately a GREAT place to try, especially the desserts), Biergarten, Liberty Tree Tavern, Trail’s End (Fort Wilderness), and DEFINATELY Teppanyaki in the Japanese Pavilion. That was our FAVORITE meal this last visit, so much fun and the food was GREAT!


Our favorite is Makkaresh at Epcot (may have spelled it wrong).


Our two big favorites are:

Liberty Tree Taven

I don’t think you could go wrong at either.


I’ll go w/Wish and say Boma was excellent. Very good food. Our other favorites are Spirit of Aloha dinner show, Alfredo di Roma’s, Chefs de France, Rainforest Cafe, and Hollywood & Vine.


Thanks for all your replys, here is my 1st list(I’m sure I’ll change it a few times!)
Liberty Tree Tavern
Rose and Crown
Brown Derby or Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic PKG
Whispering Canyon Cafe
Mamma Melrose
Makkaresh or Mexico
Chef Mickeys, Crystal Palace, or 1900 Park Fare

What do you think?


Chef Mickeys, Crystal Palace, or 1900 Park Fare

I say yes to all three of these! And I definitely would like to try Brown Derby. Looks like you made some great choices!


In one night! :angel:


Some of my favorites:

Whispering Canyon (WL)
Le Cellier (Epcot)
1900 Park Fair (GF)
Crystal Palace (MK)
Nine Dragons (Epcot) Gets a bad rap, but I like it
Rose and Crown (Epcot)
among others…

I really want to try the Hollywood Brown Derby at the Disney Studioes

If you’re looking for a great counter service meal, my two favorites are Tusker House at DAK, and Lotus Blossom, at China at Epcot.

Buon Appetito!