Where shall we eat?


Hi Everyone!
DH and I will be in WDW for one day before our 7 day cruise (for Food & Wine Fest), and for 1 night, and 2 days following our cruise. I’m trying to decide where we should eat on the one evening following our cruise. We are definitely on a budget since we are splurging on our cruise, so we don’t want anything too outrageous. We loved 'Ohana, and would love to go back, but it’s a little pricier than we’d like. I was thinking Big River Grille & Brewing Works since DH loves beer, and I think he’d enjoy it, or just sticking with counter service. Any other suggestions?


earl of sandwich and ghiradelli for dessert! you could easily split a dessert (and maybe even a sandwich too, depending on how hungry you are)!


How about beaches and cream. Burgers and beers is always fun to me.:heart:


I always forget about that place…I’ve never been, so maybe it’s time! Thanks Dana!


We’ll probably hit them up for lunch the following day, but if not, I’ll keep it in mind…thanks!


I clicked “Other” but given your on your way to a Cruise, as I understand it, great dining is part and parcel, I would opt for a simple counter service.

Ditto - Earl of Sandwich is a great choice. In the Parks - we’re partial to Sunshine Seasons-Epcot and Tusker House-AK (may be closed for conversion right now though).


I really like Bongo’s in the West End. It’s something different than what I can get back home and it is very good. Not too expensive either. Then you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from walking around in Pleasure Island.


I like the idea of Big River. I think your dh would be happy that you thought of him. :slight_smile:


ya like beer and good food? then my vote would be for the Biergarten Restaurant in Germany, Epcot. WUNDERBAR!!


I couldn’t agree more!!:wink:


My vote is for ‘other’!

I say you eat around the world that night at F&W Fest! Beer, food, food and beer! A little of this and a little of that :mickey:

If not, just grab Earl or a CS somewhere. I’d think you’d be pretty dang full of good food after a week on the cruise that a heavy sit down meal might not be too appealing or seem too spectacular.


Since you are leaving for a cruise and all the food you can eat I would play it by ear and see how you feel that night. I think Big River is pretty easy to get into if you decide on that (or you could make an ADR and cancel it later) but I would just go with counter service that night.


I voted for Big River. O’Hana’s and the food court have too much activity going on, Big River will be more relaxing so you can sit back, relax, and have a drink.


I voted other and I’ll get to that.
Big River would be fine. Instead of ‘Ohana, think Kona Cafe.
If you are going to be park hopping, Sunshine Seasons in The Land in Epcot is good counter service. I recommend the grilled salmon with the Soarin’ (orange) Brulee, but they have a lot of choice down there. Cosmic Ray’s chicken and rib combo is insane if you’re in the Magic kingdom.


I’m surprised. Most people don’t like it, and I can’t recommend any Cuban restaurant that can’t make Cuban Coffee.


I voted for Ohana…cause I love it!:wub:

But if your on a budget, I would suggest Wolfgang Pucks Express in DTD as a counter service. Even though the food/menu is definitely more like a Table Service restaurant, the prices are Counter Service. We always have this on our list of must dos every trip!:happy:


EARL!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Easy on the budget and makes your mouth happy too. :laugh:

If it were me, I wouldn’t even think twice, I’d just make a beeline for an Original with extra horseradish and some tomato soup.


Thanks everyone! All great suggestions. I hadn’t thought of Wolfgang Puck’s Express…hmm…


They really have great food as a counter service option. Actually, even some of the menu items at the Express are exactly the same as those at the WGP Cafe! (Just better prices)

Like the Linguine Bolognese and BBQ Chicken Quesadilla. Two of my favorites!:wub: Also, Chicken Ceasar salad and Rosemary Chicken with garlic mashed potatoes!

:ohmy: Oh my gosh, I’m hungry just thinking about it!:laugh:

As a side note, they also offer breakfast! :smile:
Crispy Cornflake French Toast / Belgian Waffles / Three-Egg Omelets / Breakfast Pizzas / Calzones and much more!


The Rosemary Chicken with garlic mashed potatoes is my favorite! I also really like the Crispy Cornflake French Toast! I just loooooovvvveee WPE!!! :wub: The absolute BEST CS meal in WDW in my opinion!