Where should we eat?


We are going in early June, and there are 6 of us. Say we get to Disney in time that day (we won’t know until we are on the road)… where should we eat dinner? I am thinking outside of the parks, maybe on the monorail loop or downtown Disney…

I already have Ohana’s and Kona Cafe scheduled for later in the week, so those are out… We have kids, so we can do character meals or not…

Help, I am the decision maker for everyone else (at least in my family)!


Monorail loop: The Wave, Grand Floridian Cafe’
DTD: Earl of Sandwich, Wolfgang Puck Express or WP Cafe’


How heavy do you want to eat?
Are you going to be on a dining plan?
If so, are you going to want to use a CS credit, a TS credit, or pay out of pocket?
Pricey (i.e. signature) or moderate priced?
Where are you staying?

Once I have answers, I’ll chime in.


If you can time it right w/ the MK fireworks Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian is an outstanding way to start your vacation. When the fireworks start you can go out on the deck and watch. The servers will even hold you food in the kitchen if it is to come out while you are outside for a few minutes.


Where are you staying? Maybe dinner at your resort?


ok, soundgod… thanks for asking. We are staying at the Polynesian, and we have the dining plan, but we will not be using it for this meal. I am thinking that we do not want to eat too heavily because we will be throughout the rest of the week. We could do a table service, but I am just as open to a counter service. I just want it to be easy to get to, as the kids might want to swim or something that night. I was thinking that we could hop on the monorail, or drive to DTD to eat something easy… I just don’t want it to be a big hassle.

Part of my problem with my decision making is that we don’t know what time we can leave on Friday to drive down- depends on what time husband can leave work… Once we are on the road though, I could call and make and ADR if we would get there in time…Or just eat CS somewhere.

The rest of the week, we are eating at Kona, Ohana, and other places inside the parks… This time, I thought we would stay outside of the parks since we might not get there until 7 or 8 at night… maybe earlier, but who knows at this point.



OK, how about taking a boat ride to FW and eating at Trail’s End. It is a buffet and has lots of choices for everyone. It is not that expensive since you will be paying out of pocket. They do take ADR’s, but you can usually still get a table without one.


Timkelmom… I have added it to the list- thanks…


You are very welcome.


See, I could add beaches and cream too, but I think that it might be too crowded… I am crazy!


Yeah, I would think on hot June evening that Beaches and Cream would be pretty crowded. Earl of Sandwich could be good too if you want to go to DtD and eat light.


If you drove to the Marketplace you could eat at EoS or Wolfgang Puck Express - you could choose from both, then meet outside to eat. If you happen to have a Rainforest Cafe membership card, you can get seated immegiately at Rainforest or The Dinosaur Cafe - which the kids would probably like. (I think the membership is $15. and you get a discount off your meals and merchandise.) We’ve had it for years and it’s come in really handy.


thanks llama… I was thinking about that place at DTD too… but the new one will be a zoo…

hehe- zoo… sometimes, I crack myself up. Ok, I know it is not a zoo- it is dinosaurs. I am delirious from planning.


I would go to DtD and have a CS there.


I’m thinking a boat ride to WL and eating at Whispering Canyon. A fun way to start a vacay!


[QUOTE=hanwill;947425]thanks llama… I was thinking about that place at DTD too… but the new one will be a zoo…

hehe- zoo… sometimes, I crack myself up. Ok, I know it is not a zoo- it is dinosaurs. I am delirious from planning.[/QUOTE]

“Stegasaurus, Triceratops, Megasaurus too,
All went out to dinner at the Dinosaur Zoo
Along came their waiter, Tyrannasaurus Rex
Gobbled up the table cause they wouldn’t pay their checks.”:laugh:

My kids learned that in kingergarten.

(personally, I’d do EoS:wub:)


Since you already have my fav Ohana on the list I say Wispering Canyon cafe at WL. You will probally have to take a boat there.


The boat idea sounds fun… my son will love it. The different modes of transportation are one of the fun things about WDW…boat, monorail, bus, etc…