Where should we eat?


on Friday night??? We are driving down, but not sure of when we can leave. I am hoping to be there in time for dinner… We are staying at the POLY, and already have ADRs there for the other parts of our trip. Should we go to the WAVE, or DTD? Not going in the parks at that late hour… gotta be rested for the next day… taking a 9yo, 7yo, and the grandparents…

ok- Now I am getting excited!


IMO I would say Ohanas but I would eat there every day of the week :laugh: if you only want to stick with the 2 options above go to DTD.


Thanks! I could go somewhere else- just not in the parks… We are looking forward to Ohana’s!


I’ll be at the south intersection of I-85 and 285. You can pick me up there. :laugh:

Maybe just The Wave on Friday night… a nice little warm-up monorail trip…


Andrea… you made me laugh. It took me a second- I was like, huh??? But hey- I would try the same thing! I was thinking that exact thing… stay around the resort, but ride the monorail to EPCOT- just to ride… my son will love this…


I would hit up The Wave as well. First I’ve heard it’s excellent and second if you are too tired to hit DTD or anything else all you have to do is ride the monorail for five seconds and you are there.


Maybe you’d want to stop outside WDW altogether depending upon time.
In that case, keep watching billboards on the interstate.
I’m also assuming you’ll be taking I-75 and then getting on the Turnpike in Wildwood, so once you hit the Turnpike, options will be very limited. Also, they’ve opened up a new northern entrance to WDW off of the Turnpike so you don’t have to even drive through Orlando or even the main gate on Apopka-Vineland Highway (SR 535).
You exit at SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) and take that south to Western Way which heads right into WDW by the CSR (turn left at Buena Vista Drive).
But if you do decide to hold out until you get to WDW I’d suggest either DTD or something on 535 (and maybe 535 might be the better choice because of all the options and possible lighter crowds eating).


Id say The Wave because Ive never tried it and like to try new places, but for something more familair and maybe quicker, DTD all the way! Think it just depends on your partys mood/tiredness/hunger etc!


Too many variables (kids and other faqmily). Eat at the Poly if you don’t stop just outside WDW.


What about Whispering canyon at Wilderness Lodge…lots of fun and Disney spirit. Plus the food is great!


Ya’ll have given me a lot to think about… I am so excited!


If you want great atmosphere/food and a great Disney experience, you have to do California Grill.


Walk around and relax at DTD, eat light at Earl of Sandwich, Lego land, then bed early! Then eat like a King at WDW starting the next day!


We’re going to try T Rex out this trip!


we have sooo many meals planned. My parents are going with us… We want the sit down in the air conditioning breaks, combined with the regular dining plan, and then our knowledge of the restaurants and things to do (characters, etc). We have almost 2 sit down meals per day. We have the regular dining plan, and we will be able to use all of our counter service meals- but just barely…

I am trying not to eat this week…


Oh that’s how we like to plan it too. Air conditioned breaks are a necessity during the summer months! How long are going for?


8 days… I am going to be so full I will not be able to walk.


8 days is perfect in my opinion. Just enough to do every park twice, and not enough so that you want to come back for more. :slight_smile:


YOu might want to eat light on Friday night…The Earl of Sandwich is in DTD, but on the edge; even tired, you could swoop in, grab some great, but not too big sandwiches or soup, saving room for the large meals to come…also Wolfgang Puck Express is in DTD, on both ends, I think, though the one near DQ is easier to find and get to. Individual flat breads (we used to call them pizzas!) and great sandwiches as well. Both of these will take your Dining CS credits if you have some to spare, otherwise, they are not expensive OOP.

I cant wait to hear your reviews from your huge list of restaurants, enjoy!!


Here is my list- Keep in mind we have been almost everywhere inside the parks to eat (except a few in EPCOT)…

MK- Breakfast - Crystal Palace
Dinner- Castle

AK- Breakfast- Tusker House
Dinner- OHANA

EPCOT_ Kona CAFE in hotel
Teppan Edo for Dinner

Studios: Sci Fi- Lunch
50’s dinner

Breakfast- Ohana
Plaza for lunch (family Favorite)


but go to Tony’s in MK for dinner

EPCOT-Chefs de France for lunch (see Ratatouille)
Tutto Italia for dinner

Then go home 5 pounds heavier. I am so full I cannot even think about it!