Where should we stay?


We are currently booked for SSR for our May trip. In two days I can change to another DVC resort. So far we have only stayed at SSR and OKW. Some of our choices are:

AKL - We really want to stay there Savannah side and in the new buildings if possible. We also want to do the Sunrise Safari but you have to stay concierge level and they will NOT guarantee a savanna side room. :confused:

Boardwalk - We hear it is hard to get in there but would love to try it once.

Beach Club - Brenda wants to stay there, she thinks that it would be great to be at the Boardwalk or Beach Club and we could take the ferry’s to MGM and EPCOT.

I like the quiet of SSR and the quick ride and convenience of getting to DTD from SSR and OKW. They also feel like “home” and I am worried that by going to some of the other DVC’s it will feel like a hotel walking to our room inside a building and up an elevator, or am I totally wrong? I also don’t want to pay the price of concierge and not get a Savannah view. We will be there for 10 days.

Suggestions please.


Beach Club!!

We have stayed there 3 times and we have loved every minute of each stay. The staff is the best we have met on property and the location can’t be beat.


I go for beach club I would love to stay there once just so I could use that pool .


I would go beach club. The theme appeals to me more than boardwalk and I also like the idea of being close to two parks and not needing bus as the only transportation. I didn’t do either only cause me and my DD spend a significant amount of time at DTD and OKW is the only one that makes sense for us. If we didn’t do DTD so much, I would have went with Beach club when renting points this time.


Having done the Sunrise Safari, I can honestly say I would go AKL and risk the view just in order to do the Sunrise Safari again. You get some behind the scenes views and information, they actually stop the truck on the safari so you can take pictures, and it ends with the most awesome breakfast buffet I’ve ever had. I’d overlook the pool to be able to do it again.

Advantage to the BCV and BWV is location, location, location. And the BCV has the added benefit of Stormalong Bay.

Most people like having the door to their room inside the building, they seem to feel safer. One of the complaints I hear about SSR is that the doors are outside.


Since I’ve only stayed at Beach club for all my DVC trips…oh, wait…I’ve only had one DVC trip…anyway, for me I just LOVED the fact that I could watch illumanations (sp) and be home 10 mins later. We didn’t do this, but even with MGM, one could walk home in about 20 min. We walked to MGM and it took 1/2 hr, but we wandered around, looking at stormalong bay before we really headed over.


I think based on all factors you mentioned, Beach Club wins out for me. It’s got a great location and great pool, and honestly I’ve heard great things about it.

My second choice would be AKL…I really would love to to the Sunrise Safari at least once!


I would choose AKL. I have never stayed, but have visited & would like to.


palmickey… I love the idea of staying at Beach Club. If someone ever hands me a bucket of dough, that’s where I am going! And I will spend every evening in that glorious Stormalong Bay.

But… look at my avatar! <<<<< Over there, see that top window on the right!!! I dream of having that top room overlooking the Keister Coaster! I would love to go back to the Boardwalk and get that room someday, too!

All your choices are great, so any decision will be terrific!


We’re big believers in trying to stay at as many new resorts as we can…That being said, I would go for Beach Club just because of Stormalong Bay (the pool shared by BC and YC). We stayed at Yacht Club and that pool is still one of our all-time WDW highlights.

But honestly, any place you choose would be great I am sure!

Good Luck!


Thanks everyone for the info. I think I am going to try to get the BCV. Even though we really want to do the Sunrise Safari, it would take almost our whole year of points to do the concierge level and I am not willing to do that just yet. So for now we will have to do the AKL on a shorter trip. Besides, BCV has Beaches and Cream! :laugh:


Last March, when I booked our September trip, both the Boardwalk Inn and Boardwalk Villas were available. I know your mileage will vary, but don’t rule out Boardwalk out of hand. BW and BC have excellent location going for them, and the entire Epcot resort area around Crescent Lake has all kinds of dining and entertainment options.
The only thing I could suggest is booking a single day OOP at AKL concierge in order to qualify for the Sunrise Safari. But I’d talk to an advanced planner on how to best accomplish that.


You do know that that’s the DVC side of the Boardwalk? I’m just pointing it out to help you zero in on your dream.
I’d like the Admiral’s suite at Yacht Club some day, but that ain’t gonna happen. for one, I don’t need that much room!
I’d also like to stay in the Walt Disney suite at the Grand Californian.

I was trying to edit this comment in earlier, but MB stopped responding.
I’m pretty sure I posted a sunset picture of “your room” from the walkway to the Studios.



We love the Beach Club and aren’t really inclined to stay elsewhere. You can’t beat the location for any of the Epcot resorts.

We love the pool and the ability to walk to two parks. Forget about the ferry to Epcot - far easier to walk the 5 minutes. We walk to Disney Studios as well - though that is about a 20 minute walk.



Double post…



We’ve stayed at every DVC property (except AK)and my favourites in order are:

  1. Old Key West
  2. Boardwalk
  3. Saratoga Springs
  4. Wilderness Lodge Villas
  5. Beach Club

I know lots of people love Beach Club for the pool - and I think that’s great if you have kids or love the water - but our suite didn’t impress us at all. It was only 2 years old and looked “shabby” - that, of course, is just our experience. We LOVE Boardwalk and others haven’t enjoyed it. (Miss Disney our room in Sept overlooked the Keister Pool, Swan & Dolphin - it was amazing). But if I wanted to choose an Epcot resort, between the two I’d go with Boardwalk. (But WLV is gorgeous too!). Can’t imagine that AK wouldn’t be anything but amazing! I really like SSR for the same reason as you - it’s so quiet and relaxing.


I have stayed in the BW and BC, but my Favorite is the WL. I love waking up to the trees and seeing the dew lift from the grass.


We’ve had some rooms that looked “tired” - not bad - just tired. The location does more than make up for it.

My Aunt has DVC at OKW and they LOVE it - and they’ve been in just about every WDW resort.


Having stayed at both Beach Club and AK I would have to say AK hands down. It is such a unique place that you truly feel like you are in Africa. Beach Club is like any other hotel. Definately AK!


Well, for now we have most of the vacation booked at BCV. We almost just stayed at SSR but then I decided we need to try them all just once so we know for ourselves. We decided on BCV because of location, we can walk to EPCOT for dinner and IllumiNations.

We are on the wait list for the other two nights however, as much as I do not want to change resorts, I am thinking about booking AKL concierge for those two nights just so we can do the sunrise safari. I don’t know why this vacation is difficult. :laugh: