Where to buy beer


I have friends who are FINALLY taking their 3 kids ages 10, 10 and 8 to WDW in April. I am trying to plan out their trip to make sure that they have a great time. They are so not into planning!

In my planning I am trying to keep in mind what would make the WHOLE family happy. Well, the DH of the family is a serious beer drinker. He asked about where to buy beer on property. I’ve never looked into this so I was wondering if anyone had any advise.

Is there anywhere that you can buy a case of beer that wouldn’t be insanely expensive and that’s close enough to the Poly (where they are staying) since they won’t have a car?


You can buy beer in the gift shops. I do every trip.:mickey: Every resort has beer for sale in their gift shop along with other packaged and loose alcohol. You could also have it delivered along with snacks for the room by calling garden grocer…the gift shop isn’t very reasonable in price, but it’s not horrible either, so if they are just wanting beer, get it from there. IF they want other drinks and snacks, contact garden grocer who will deliver for $10.


We ran into this problem on our trip. My brother-in-law loves his beer. Unfortuantely, there was nowhere on property to buy a case of beer. I believe all of the food courts sell beer buy the pint in a bottle for $5 each.

We had contemplated taking a cab to a liquor store, but never got around to it. He also called many liqour stores in the Lake Buena Vista area to see if any delivered and had no luck.

I do know that if you contact Garden Grocer, they will deliver alcholic beverages to the disney resorts for a fee ~ plus their prices are a bit higher. You can contact them through GardenGrocer.com, The Selection of a SUPERMARKET Delivered to Your Door! You cannot put in an online order, but you can send them a message to contact you. They need to speak with whomever the reservation is named in to verify age.

Good luck.


Just saw Dana’s response, sorry for the repeat.


You can buy beer at the Hess across from downtown disney for regular prices. Its a little hassle/walk, but waaaay cheaper!


fortunately, the grocery stores sell beer and wine in FL. If you can get there or get them to deliver, you’re all set.


We drove last summer so I was able to bring my own. Gift shops are cheapest without a car.


I understand the Hess Station across from the Boardwalk also sells beers.


We were always in a pickle to find Copenhagen for my DH (before he quit) when we would forget to stock up in advance and we’ve always gotten it at the Hess. That’s the best, closest place for reasonably priced beer too, I would guess.


I forgot about Down town Disney?


there is a walmart close by, thats where we went, you could take a cab.


Does anyone know how close the Publix would be from Pop Centruy?
Also considering placing a order with the Garden Grocer?
Any suggestions?

I can’t stand Disani water, would rather lug my own water and save my snack for something else


There is a Publix pretty close to Pop. You would head out towards WWOS and then turn Left onto Osceola Pky. Go Right at Gaylord Palms and its on your left. I would say 2-3 miles. If you take a cab though, make sure you know EXACTLY where you are going or you will end up at another Publix, and probably one much further away!


How about using quicksilver one way for the arrival with a free grocery stop (round trip is better.) What they’d save in beer cost alone would just about pay for the Quicksilver transfer.


if you are staying at one of the epcot resorts, there is a hess station at the end of the parking lot to the boradwalk. it is a bit of a walk, but the prices are much better than any of the hotels - plus they have a bigger selection…


As a beer connoisseur, I strongly recommend making arrangements to purchase nectar-from-the-gods off site.