Where to buy DVC APs and DDE


I am a new DVC member and I want to know where/how to purchase my APs with my DVC discount, and also, where/how to buy the DDE card-I think you have to have the AP to buy the DDE card, right? I want to just wait until we get there in August and go to Guest relations, but, I don’t want rates to go up or anything before we get there, or run into issues/problems (I still don’t have my official DVC membership card, just the temporary one). Any tips?


On the DVCMember.com web site, under Member Privileges, there is an image that says “Become a WDW Passholder”. Just click on that link to purchase an AP.


You do have to have an AP to get the DDE card, they’ll ask for your AP number when you call to order the card.


I agree…I had to call to order my DDE and I think that was the only way. You can order the DDE if you have the “temporary AP” which you get in the mail.


thanks everyone!


Similar question…when we get our “actual” APs there, do we each have to get them in person? My DW will be at a convention the first 3 days of our time in Orlando, and I will be wandering some “out-of-the-park” areas during that time. I wanted to pick up our APs, but can I pick up hers at the same time?

Prezcatz Paul


If you order your APs before you leave you can try to get them, the worst that will happen is you are told to come back with your wife. I’m guessing your wife will have to be there if you don’t have the voucher.

I ordered our AP voucher but I forgot my ID when we went to guest services to get our actual AP. I was really worried that we would have to all the way back to our resort but my DH had his ID and that was enough, we all got our APs with no question. The letter said to bring n ID but I guess we didn’t both need an ID.