Where to buy our Halloween Costumes for MNSSHP?


Travelling over from UK so dont want to carry with us!
Where is best to buy & Good prices too?:pirate:

Sally x


Kay, don’t laugh but… Walmart. Actually, Target is generally a lot cleaner with better selection. Both have a huge supply of Halloween costumes, and plenty of Disney Princess dresses (princess dresses are stocked year-round at target) as well as High School Musical, Camp Rock, Little Einsteins, and Pirates of the Caribbean costumes. If you’re getting a rental car, definitely drive to a Walmart or Target in search of Halloween costumes. It’s a lot more affordable than buying the $80 character costumes at WDW.

Also, if you can find a Party City, they have a huge stock of Halloween costumes every year with a large number of adult and teen costumes to choose from. However, these tend to lean toward the gory/inappropriate side and are a little bit more pricey… either that or poor quality. However, if you’re going to MNSSHP after Halloween (don’t they do it through early Nov?), then you can hit up some end-of-season sales.


I got 2 costumes online from various places… I wouldn’t recommend that. One of the costumes has a top that is alot shorter than what was pictured. So it’s better to be able to go and see what you’re actually getting.


Do you have a Disney store over there? If not walmart would be the place to go


Disney store’s here are really expensive…plus its really just for DH who needs an entire costume & I need accesories!
We’re going to go as spooky pirates, we’re doing the DCL as well so will use the costumes for Pirate Party on board as well!
Looks like it’ll be Walmart as we’re staying near to the big one on 192!
Thanks for your replies!
Sally x


This is the only adult pirate costume I could see from Walmart. Walmart.com: High Seas Rogue Halloween Costume; One Size: Halloween '08

Good price, but they don’t sell it in the store. You need to purchase it online and have it sent to the store in Orlando for you to pick it up, free of charge. Which is better since you wouldn’t know if it was available for you to buy in that store anyway.


We were going to buy costumes down there but they are kind of expensive and we thought then our kids will have to be a pirate or a princess. So, we went to our local party store (It’s a party) and I got my son an army costume for $29.00 and my daughter who wears an adult size small was a boxer with all the props for $49.00. AND then I used a 15% off coupon. So for less than $70 I got two costumes. It’s worth lugging with us to Disney.