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I am a scrapbook NUT!!! It is hard to find Disney stuff here in our local town so I was wondering if anyone knew of a scrapbooking place that I could purchase paper, stickers etc. to scrapbook our trip. I thought that maybe there would be a store in one of the parks, on the boardwalk or maybe DTD.

If anyone knows where there is one I would love to know because that would on the must do list for sure…



Gosh - I don’t remember it’s exact name, but at the Marketplace in DTD, there’s a book store and it has a whole section of scrapbooking things. You’ll finding scrapbooking materials in at lot of stores at WDW.


The World of Art at DTD has a scrapbook section. Prices are high for scrapbooking materials, but they have a wider selection than most places I’ve looked at.

:eek: Yes! Cavey scrapbooks. :eek:


Our local Walmart has a good supply of Disney related stuff. This is something recent though. I don’t remember them having that much in the past.


That’s the one!

I don’t scrapbook, but I love looking at all the cute little things you can get.


Same here, when I look through all that cute stuff it makes me wish I did.


Thanks guys… Our Walmart does not carry much at all so I want to make sure that while I am there I can get enough stuff to do some cute pages… I could spend what we are spending for the vacation just in that one store I am sure. I just love that stuff… I am a photographer as well so that makes it ten time worse… I take a ton of pictures and I for some reason want to capture every picture in a scrapbook.

Thanks for the info.


I even found scrapbooking stuff in our hotel store when we stayed @ WL. It seems to be all over WDW.


I’ve bought Disney scrapbooking stuff at Hobby Lobby and also through Creative Memories. If you don’t know a rep., I believe you can order online.


I know I’ve seen some Disney scrapbooking stuff at craft stores, AC Moore had some really cute things.


World of Disney in DTD also has scrapbooking stuff. And just yesterday I saw a lot of stuff in the gift shop of the Contempory.


Here’s some places I found that sell Disney stuff:
I just found some scrapbook kits from Oriental Trading:
Tinker Bell:




Misc Scrapbooking Sites with Disney Stuff:
Scrapbooking Supplies R Us - Scrapbook Supplies
Scrapbook Supplies Specializing in Disney, Vacation & Sports - MouseMemories.com
MouseScrapbookPages Home

And never forget ebay, sometimes you can get some great deals.


Thanks for the great websites. I think I can now find more than I am looking for. What cute ideas too… I am so excited I cant wait. Now I just have to wait for the trip.


I am working on my first Disney Trip Scrapbook. I bought the bookitself at the Resort. I know that they have one for 2006 that I’ll buy when we go this year. I have found Disney scrapbook stuff at Joann’s Fabrics (joanns.com); Micheals and Hobby Lobby. Creative Memories had some stuff also if you know someone selling it. I also purchased stuff at the store at DTD.
117 days till we go!!!