Where to eat?


Okay… we really want to get the dining plan… if we do here is a list of some of our MUST… tell me what I am missing…

Chef Mickey
Whispering Canyon
Prime Time 50
Ohana (never done this one but have heard great things)
There is one in MGM, that is a Fantasmic Pckg… Crown something??? (sorry :noo: )

That’s our list help me decide on some others… We may just pay for CRT cause they want to sit downs for that!


Wow that sounds great already, I wouldn’t know what to add. I wonder if you would like SciFi. I liked it when I went last time.


You can do the Fantasmic Dining Package at Hollywood & Vine, Mama Melrose’s, or Hollywood Brown Derby. According to Allearsnet.com, Brown Derby will cost you 2 table service if you’re on the Dining Plan, whereas H & V or MM would only cost one.


My guys love the Castle…and Mexico
I would def recommend the sci-fi for lunch, but not for dinner.
Have fun!


MickeyRon, maybe you would like to do the Rose and Crown in Epcot!? I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard such cool stuff about it!


What about Le Cellier??? :blush:


Ron you’ve got some great choices already.
I would recommend LeCelllier. I think it has become the most popular place in all of WDW. You don’t want to miss out on that one! And it is a pretty good value on the dining plan.


The next time we go I plan on Le Cellier— and our favorite this year when we went was the Garden grill in Epcot. We went for lunch, and my DS still says it was one of his favorites. We also LOVED the buffet at the Beach Club, that was wonderful!


Ron, make sure you hit that Ohana.

Also, Biergarten is very Disney-ish, with lots of atmosphere and entertainment. Its a lot of memories for the bucks.


Hey guy,

We ,too, are doing the Fantasmic package. I choose Hollywood & Vine because I did’t really like Momma’s last time we went there. And with my crew - all you can inhale buffet works better. And like you, we are doing Ohanas based on the reviews of our friends here at DC (that and the fact Stitch will be there).


Ron you have some of my favorites ( ohana’s is my favorite ) I love Hollywood and vine I know you have been there and its only one table service on the dining plan


O’Hana is awesome but I too must say go for Le Cellier if you’ve never been (I can’t remember if you have or not). Also with the girls 1900 Park Fare for dinner is AWESOME! You get Prince Charming, Suzie and Perla. It really is an AWESOME dinner.