Where to eat


Hi everyone!
I am going to WDW in August and staying at AKL. I’m going with the boyfriend, dad, and sister, and I was wondering where we could go for a good sit-down meal. We always do one BIG meal on our trip, and it’s usually limited by the picky eaters - dad and sister. They sometimes branch out a little at WDW though. So, where is a good place to go?
Thank you all for your help! :happy:


hm if you didnt have picky eaters I would tell you Bomas since your staying at AKL but since you have picky eaters OHANAS


We love places like Ohana, Biergarten, Le Cellier and Fulton’s when we want familiar foods. When we feel like being wild, we try more unusual places, like Boma or Chefs de France or someplace like that.

You might really like Whispering Canyon! I have never gotten to eat there, but we have many times checked it out from the lobby, and it looks like everyone is having a blast!


My absolute favorites are:
Kona Cafe -oh so very good and the menu seems to change every so often.
Ohana has great dinner and breakfast meals but I would check it out with those picky eaters it may be a bit more difficult b/c they serve family style.
BOMA! right there at AKL -after reading the tidbit about it I thought I wouldn’t like it but they have something for everyone! Definetly try the Zebra Domes! Those are my must revisit for each trip!
What sorts of things are they picky about. I only eat poultry and find things I enjoy everywhere I have been.
The buffets are really good at having an assortment of things for all kinds of tastes.
My husbands favorite was the House of Blues, we enjoyed the Gospel Brunch and couldn’t believe the selection they had. So very much food!


Right where you are staying…at Boma. The minute you walk through the door to check in, their tremendous aromas will pull you in. It has such a huge variety of food, I would imagine even picky eaters could find something they would like.


Oh yes as MissDisney commented about Whispering Canyon. We visited this last vacation and LOVED it. Absolutely loved it. We are thinking about adding it to our must eats! Plus you really do enjoy ourself there. The CM really make it lots of fun.


You literally will not make it a day at AKL without really wanting to eat some Boma! The smells attack you as soon as you walk in the door! It’s a huge buffet with lots of options so have your family check out the menu online at Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World.
If that’s a no go some of my favorites are:
Rose and Crown
50’s Prime Time
Chef Mickey’s


I’d have to go with LeCellier, for really good food for picky and non-picky eaters alike. But make an ADR ASAP!


Ditto on that! I forgot that one because I usually just don’t feel like battling it out for an ADR! :laugh:


Thanks for all your suggestions!
Gemdisney, they just don’t like to try anything TOO exotic - Dad accidentally had squid once, and that was a funny experience. My sister simply is boring. :laugh: She likes plain food, like without dressings and sauces and things.
Again, thanks for all the help…I was chatting with my dad and when I mentioned Boma was a buffet, he was thrilled. We might try one of the other restaurants too! And, we have plenty of time to figure it out and change our minds a few times. :mickey:


You’ll have to let us know how it goes and all that good stuff. It really is a great resort all around.


I think he’ll like it! No squid I promise!
They did have a very good prime rib when were were there and I think they do ribs one night a week. Be sure to try some Zebra Domes! (yummy!)


If you have picky eaters you may want to try a buffet. It should satisfy everyone. 1900 Park Fare, Chef Micky, Capemay Cafe, etc.


This is the one you MUST make 6 months out if you want any chance of getting a reservation. They have a small dining room which doesn’t work at all well with their popularity.
I, unlike a lot of people, don’t care much for 'Ohana, but that’s a personal choice. There’s nothing wrong with the food they serve.
Kona Cafe, Boma, especially at breakfast, Jiko, Flying Fish, Narcoossee’s, Fulton’s, both sit downs in Japan, Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining, House of Blues, Crystal Palace, Cape May Cafe (breakfast mostly), California Grill are all places we’ve returned to several times over the last 5 years.
Chef Mickey’s for breakfast over dinner as well, but that’s another hard reservation to get.


Le Cellier would be a long shot if at all possible at this point but hat is my favorites so far. We also really like O’Hana and 1900 Park Fare dinner buffet at Grand Floridian is really good.