Where to Find a Disney World Song


I love listening to Disney music while I’m on the Internet. Does anyone know where on the Internet I could listen to the version of “Hooray For Hollywood” that comes at the end of the Great Movie Ride in Disney Hollywood? It’s a little different from the version that’s at the beginning of the ride.

Thank you!


I am not very familiar with that song but I would suggest going to subsonicradio.com. That may have it. I love that site. It has all kinds of Disney music.I think you would love it. Other than that I don’t know. I do believe you can request songs on there also.


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Google “sorcerer radio”, its a great WDW radio station streaming all the music from the parks.

You can also get this:

Disney Shopping: Walt Disney World Official Album “The Happiest Celebration on Earth” (CD) - The LaughingPlace Store

its what I listen to while I clean the house!


I love that song!!! I have the Main Street instrumental version on my “Where Magic Lives” CD in my car…which is listed to each and every day!

In addition to subsonic radio, check out Live365.com for Disney Theme Park music. I am listening to the Haunted Mansion right now!!

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ParkTunes - A guide to Disney theme park songs and Disney music loops!



Also try SubsonicRadio.com


I don’t if that version is the one that’s on the WDW official soundtrack but I listen to that double-CD ALL-THE-TIME! DD even loves it when we’re in the car and she’s only 6mo! I’m sure you could find it on Amazon, Ebay, or the official Disney site.



ParkTunes - A guide to Disney theme park songs and Disney music loops!


Great site! I hadn’t seen that. :mickey:


Thanks for the sites…

I am listening now!


Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

Both Hooray for Hollywoods are here, as I can’t remember which is which…


Sorcerer radio (srsounds.com) is very cool - thanks for the tip!


Thanks much for the good tips! Since I can’t afford to go to Disney at the moment, I can at least listen to Disney.

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Haha, Yay! I love these sites! :smiley: