Where to find an autograph book?


I want to find or make an autograph book for Noah to take to the character meals. Where do you guys find them? I have looked in Zellers, Walmart and Michael’s and no autograph books. A lady at Michael’s suggested using a journal but I cannot find one without lined pages. Even if I could just find a nice blank paged journal I could decorate it up with stickers on the outside. Also what kind of pen do you bring? Such silly questions I know but I am having a hard time with this one.


Do you want any type of autograph book or would do you desire a disney one?


They have them at the resort stores if you wait until you arrive, but if you want one before going is what I am looking for…


Not sure where to find these, but I’ve thought about making a few for my nieces. There were some great pics in Live Life’s thread about autograph books. It might give you a few ideas.

autograph books


I just figured it would be cheaper to buy or make one here. I was just looking for a small book with blank pages, but I am told they don’t make autograph books from Michael’s. I had autograph books as a kid…what happened to them? Anyways I was just thinking something simple that I could decorate with Mickey stuff from my scrapbooking stuff. Maybe I should just try and get one there.


Thanks Allirella!
I got some great ideas from that thread…I totally missed that one and I usually check in regularly. I think I can come up with something now.

OK now that the book is taken care of, what kind of pen works best for the autographs?


Whatever pen you get, make sure it’s a big fat one. It’s usually very hard for our character friends with big hands or gloves to write, so the bigger the pen, the easier it is for them to grab it and sign.

PS-I usually make our first stop in the resort store for an autograph bood before heading to the parks. They have the ones you are looking for with blank pages only, as well as ones where you can insert pictures beside the signature (which my daughter loves).


The characters will most likely need a large one because of the grasping issues with the outfit. Hope this helps…


last 2 times I bought books in the scrapbooking section at hobby lobby. last year i got the bigger size (8 x 11 maybe) year before i got the smaller ones (5" maybe). this time i found 2 that i bought last year in the parks when we left, thinking we may need more pages but never used them. so…i guess i am not making them afterall.

my other idea that i was going to do was buy some cute papers in different colors (heavy card stock), maybe hole punch and put on a big ring. then have characters sign the sheets. then when i got home i could cut them out with fancy scissors and put them in a scrapbook next to their pic. might still do that too!


:happy: Sounds like everyone is answering my questions too! Mental note: take fat pen for autographs, not the cute little Mickey one I was thinking about… :blush:


you can also get the autograph books from giftsofalifetime.com


we used sharpies last year and the people with the characters thanked us several times. it does help if you either use the clicking kind or take the cap off for them, btw.


Walmarts in the Orlando area sell Disney autograph books for around 1.99. Much cheaper than at the resorts.


A fat pen is good, but a Sharpie can bleed through the pages. So maybe a fine tip marker?

Some characters can’t write, so they have a stamp…


true missdis - our pages were thick, and we only let them sign on one side, so it didn’t matter if it bled thru the back. but…our books this time are thinner papers, so i need just a fat pen or marker. do you think the markers will bleed too? gotta go looking and testing - oh darn - a shopping trip!!


Try this website. I haven’t ordered anything from them before, but I’ve thought about it! :laugh: They have some cute spiral bound autograph books that you might be able to add your own touch to.
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Here’s another link . . .

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