Where to find Park schedule?


Help me please :blush: I looked up last month when the park hours were going to be for our upcoming trip and I could of sworn I also could see the days for Wishes and Illumanations schedule too but now I want to make another dinner ressie and I can only find the park hours… Thank you:happy:


I always go to allears.net for those times (they typically link the disney site anyway).


WDWParkHours.com - Vacation Planning Custom Calendar should have what you need!


Thank you both!


Try this website… it’s my favorite.

Walt Disney World Live Entertainment


[QUOTE=dac921;1099247]Try this website… it’s my favorite.

Walt Disney World Live Entertainment[/QUOTE]

Thanks a lot :wub:


Thank you for this link! :laugh:
I have it bookmarked and will have to check it nearer the time as it only shows up until April this year and don’t go until June! :happy:


You are welcome! I’m glad it was helpful (or will be):laugh:


Eeek 36 days!! Soooo close!!! :happy:
We’ve still got 121 days! :ohmy:


Maria mi amiga!! Congrats on your trip!! Its right around the corner.


Thanks for the link Dac921!