Where to get now discontinued Guest of Honor badges?


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On our trip to Disney next month, my birthday is May 18th, but since we’re going from the 22nd to the 29th, I figure we’ll just celebrate my birthday then (since I’ve checked the archives and found out about the birthday pins you can get for free). So on Monday the 22nd, I’ll get my pin at MK and celebrate all day (heck, I’ll wear the pin at each park we go to all week if I can get away with it :whistling:

My younger brother will be joining us… his birthday is the 25th, and we’re taking him to Mom’s at MGM on his birthday (he fell in love with the whole atmosphere. Besides, he just loves being yelled at, so what better place to take him for his birthday dinner?). I am going to get him one of those birthday pins as well ( but he doesn’t know about it) :ninja:

Anyway, I’m babbling. My question is about the Guest of Honor badges. Now if I am to assume correctly, only the red Mickey ones are the ACTUAL Guest of Honor ones, correct? And if I read correctly, the park has discontinued them (last post about it I read was in January of this year). I’ve seen conflicting reports about where to get them now. I’d like to order one for me and one for my youngest daughter. The Laughing Place doesn’t seem to have them, and neither does Gifts of a Lifetime. ::eek: :sad:

Does anyone know currently where I can get them between now and my trip? And how much they will run me? Also, how do I get them engraved? :confused:

Any current info you guys can get me on the GoH badges would be a huge help… (not to mention any little birthday tips {we’re staying offsite} that haven’t been mentioned recently)…

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I thought that the parks still have them. I think they are still available at DTD, but I am not certain. I would seriously have to look into it for you. There is an phone number to order park merchandise somewhere on here…have to find that too. Give me a few minutes…let me see what I can find.


The word now is that the GOH badges are back, but they have new, different characters on them. You can pretty much see the new characters at Gifts of a Lifetime

These can be purchased at DD in the Christmas shop and in MGM at the Celebrity 5 & 10 at about $6.


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Here is a link to a thread with all kinds of park merchandise purchasing options. Hope this helps.



Here is a good one, too. They have the new “HCoE” pins. It’s hard to pick just one!


When we went at the end of Jan. they had the red ones as well as the new ones with stich,tink, buzz, and others on them. You can buy them at the christmas shop in DTD or the world of disney store. They engrave them in the christmas shop.


Does anyone know if the Guest of Honor key chains are still available anywhere? I had purchased them for the grandchildren I had a couple of years ago, but can no longer find them for my new grandchildren. The kids seem to like them a lot better than the pins as they can hang them on their lunchbag or backpack as a name tag and have a constant reminder of great times at WDW.


Every park has their own birthday buttons, except, in November Disney Studios did not have one, they used the buttons from the MK. That may have changed by now.
Have fun celebrating. They do treat you good there on your special day.


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Thanks! That (along with the others) helps. Here’s the burning question though: Are the ACTUAL “Guest of Honor” badges (I’m assuming the red Mickey ones] the ones that get the “special attention”, or does it not matter which badge you choose, they’re all Guest of Honor badges?

Oh yeah, I knew this duh. I just figured since my younger brother’s going to be turning 28 on Wednesday the 25th (when we’ll be at MGM), I didn’t want to rain on his parade, you know? I’m turning 36 on May 18th, so we’re a week apart but we’ll be in the parks the 22nd-25th. I thought it would look a little “off” if we BOTH had the birthday pins (MGM is my favorite park, so it seems I may just have to give that day up to him hehehehe).


Yes, giving him ONE day would be generous (enough)
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Hehehe, well since my little bro (I don’t care if he’s 28, he’ll always be the little bro) is in New Jersey, and I’m in Florida, and this is the only time I get to see him, I of course have to rag on him, and be the big sister and embarass him and all. But yeah, the big sister giving him one day so she can get the rest of the glory works for me hehehehehe

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yup, no way am I going to burn out on this. ON the other hand, I am supposed to be working on the cottages as I type this but I have to tell ya, guests are coming tomorrow and I haven’t really done what I have to do NOWWWWWWW…


Are the ACTUAL “Guest of Honor” badges (I’m assuming the red Mickey ones] the ones that get the “special attention”, or does it not matter which badge you choose, they’re all Guest of Honor badges?


Yes. The ones we linked to, the ones they engrave a name on, they are all GOH badges. It’s just there was only Mickey until recently. The other characters are new for GOH badges.

It’s really a way for the CM’s to notice you and see your name. Even though I’ve had several people ask me questions about the park when I have mine on thinking I was a CM! :whistling


Perfect. Thanks so much for ALL your answers ddoll :slight_smile:

*thinks about whether to get the Female Villains or Stitch’s “Here Comes Trouble” wicked grin