Where to have breakfast on AK day?



I have been looking over menus at All Ears and would love some input about breakfast on our AK day. I have lots of time to decide this, but since I am in planning mode I thought I’d throw this out there now. We will eat on the early side this day (before the rope drop or after the safari and EE) The four places I am considering are:

*Boma at AKLThis seems like a good excuse to go see the resort but is it worth the time?

*BreakfastosaurusThe most attractive aspect of this meal is that it is right there, but we will do other character meals so I’m not too pushed on it. Is it anyone’s favorite?

*Rainforest CafeMy kids love going to any Rainforest Cafe, and I love their coffee. I have never been to one for breakfast, but the menu looks good.

*Tusker House I love a good cinnamon roll, and llama and MissDisney mentioned them in another thread so it’s been added to the list :wink:

I realize having a cinnamon roll cannot be compared to having a buffet, but any feedback about these meals would be wonderful!!


We enjoyed Boma on our last day of our trip. It is a standard buffet breakfast, with a few african items to tempt you! Their fruit juice is the best I have had.

It is (i think) the cheapest buffet breakfast at $16.99 adult and $9.99 child.

I am not a fan of Breakfastosaurus, it was OK but nothing special. We did it as we wanted to see Donald Duck, but this trip we saw him at Chef Mickey’s when we went for dinner!

The cinnamon rolls at tusker house are to die for! DD and I love them and they are the best we have ever tried!


Boma has a nice breakfast, but I suggest going to Breakfastsaurus at the first available seating you can get. It gets you in the park before it opens and is close to the EE…you can haul it to be one of the first in line if it’s open. I love the servers at that restaurant. I have never had a bad one…they are fun! The food is just average, but there is something for everyone to choose from.


I am going to vote Boma, TOTALLY worth the time. We did the breakfast there for the first time in August and I wished we would have done it earlier!!! I would suggest getting an early ADR there so you are still able to arrive in AK early.

They had this AWESOME french toast, yyuuuuummmm!



Daisyd, just a quick thought. There is a stand right outside the AK that sells muffins and coffee (that is REALLY good). You could grab a quick bite there on your way in, and then have lunch at Flame Tree, so you don’t waste valuable park time at breakfast. Sometimes we just aren’t ready for a big breakfast early in the morning.


I would go with Breakfastosaurus.
You could do it early, before EE or later after you have hit some attractions.

An ADR at Boma for dinner would be a great idea if you want to check the place out and you’ll possibly have more time to enjoy the resort then?


For some reason, I really like Breakfastsaurus. I remember the hash being very tasty, and, as has been mentioned, you are guaranteed of seeing the elusive Donald Duck. That said, I wouldn’t rate this buffet that much higher than any other buffet; they are all good, but very similar (IMO).

I strongly agree with Buzz and Dana. If you do Breakfastsaurus, make the earliest ADR that you can and show up early. We’ve always been in the first wave of seating…and when we’re done, there’s normally a HUGE line outside the place.



IF it were me, I’d grab a quick breakfast, and enjoy a yummy lunch! AK has a couple of great places to eat.

I think Lovemysons mentioned it already, and I second it!


Boma is worth all the time in the world. For a quick breakfast, Tusker House is our number one favorite!


I would agree if you can get an early ps for Donald do it, but if not opt for the quick one at Tusker.

I ate a Boma for dinner and loved it. I think it might be better to do at the end of your day.


I’ve just got to reiterate how good those cinnamon/sticky buns were!! I easily could have eaten another one, lol. They were literally just out of the oven. My dh had a cherry cheese danish and it was wonderful too. We’re not really breakfast people, but I’ve added TH as a must-do for breakfast from now on. And we sat in the little back patio, very quiet and secluded. Such a nice way to start the day.


My DD had to see Donald last trip. She is such a fan, that the only way she would smile for the camera is if we said “quack” instead of cheese. The food was good but not great. I would get the first PS available. Last time we ate and were in the park before rope drop.


You all are great, thanks for the input!

RC is off my list because no one even mentioned it :smile:

As Buzz pointed out if we have dinner at Boma we’ll have more time for exploring the resort. I am embarassed to say I didn’t even think of the time to look (duh me :blink: )-my stomach was ahead of my brain here, lol. Or maybe on our non-park day we’ll try it for breakfast.

This will be our first trip so I really value all of your experience and advise. I think now we’ll just have to decide if it will be a character meal, or a quick bite. I’ll tell you, the thread ingamba started about Tusker House vs Flame Tree has got me thinking about eating my way through AK!


Do make a point to try the breakfast wrap at the AKL food court…om it’s good.


dasyd… Here is what we do, without fail, each and every trip!!! Our plan is flawless and fabulous (if I do say so myself!!! LOL)

Arrive at rope drop. As soon as the rope goes down, follow the thundering herd to Kilmanjaro Safaris. Ride once. Go immediately to the FP booth, even though it might not even be necessary at this time! Get FPs and then go to Tusker House, just across the plaza. Have your incredible cinnamon rolls (they also make all sorts of delicious breakfast foods!!!) and then go back for your second safari on FP.

Then, you can enjoy the rest of the park without agonizing about whether you should go back for a second safari, cause you will have already done it!!! Tada!

Have fun!!!


Ah, but how will your plan change now with EE coming in? Hmmmmm…


We did Rainforest Cafe for breakfast and my kids loved it. :smile:


We like Tusker house because it’s quick and I really like the cin. rolls!


Thanks R2G. Did you like it? Your post left me curious, lol :mickey:


It’s 10 am and these food posts are making my tummy rumble. I want a cinnamon roll fresh from the oven, a cherry danish, french toast, buffet food and a breakfast burrito :wacko: I will forget about the rides because I won’t be able to move :laugh:

*Note to self–wear elactic waist shorts to AK…