Where to live by Disney?



I need help from all you FLA Disney nuts! My DW and I have this thought of moving down there in about 20 years to semi-retire (she can retire, I’m working at Disney :wink: ). We were thinking of looking into to buying a small place about 30 to 45 minutes from Disney now that we could rent for the next 20 years and move into after that. Any idea how to get started? Any idea what locations would be good? I am more of a country guy so no big cities for me!

Any thoughts???


That idea sounds interesting and has occured to me as well. I am held back by needing property management to rent and someone to prepare for hurricane stuff.

Hope you get some good ideas!


Some friends of ours made the move last summer down to FL from up here in PA. They live about two exits down I-4 from Disney. They live in a small town called Champions Gate. They are in a beautiful gated community (apartments though). But anyway-- My friend had found the apartment complex thru www.rent.com

Hope all works out for you! Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help! Wish I could move down there too! We’re looking more toward the Myrtle Beach/Charleston area!

Good luck to you! :biggrin:


If I could, I would do this but I might be a little too young to start planning lol, though iv wanted t move there for years!


Trust me, you are never too young to start planning! :wink:


I think whatever area one finds will be very different in 20 years, so I’d pick a place which seems good now…