Where to stay Carribean Beach or Port Orleans?


We are currently booked at POR during FD but have been wondering if CBR would be more enjoyable.

Any thoughts?


This so depends on personal preference really. Some like the Caribbean experience, others go for the swampy thing. I really enjoy POR, but have never stayed at any other resort.
Why don’t you take a look at SuiteDisney and get a feel for it?


I’ve stayed at both, and although they are both beautiful in their own ways, I would recommend POFQ. CBR has a tremendous amount of bus stops, which tend to get a little old when you are tired from a long day at the parks.


You can also head over to Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World to look at pictures.
I have been wondering about Carribbean Beach myself. A friend of mine is staying there this week, so I’ll have a better answer for you when she gets back.


Oh see, I didn’t know that. Unfortunately, depending on when you get on the bus at POFQ, you can have quite a few stops as well, since they share buses with POR.


Yes they do share, but not as much. When we stayed at CBR, there were 7 stops. At POFQ, maximum was 4, but usually they headed to the parks after 3.


WOW!! 7 is a lot.:eek: I had no idea.I thought 4 was bit much, but I am impatient in regards to getting to the parks. We always seemed to have 4 stops at POFQ, especially early in the day. Returns were always nice since POFQ was always first to be dropped off.

I need to clarify, POFQ has only one stop, but it shares buses with POR, which has 4 stops.


I’ve stayed at both POFQ and CBR, although we enjoyed both tremedously, we preferred CBR. We were located in Martinique which was close to the main pool, Old Port Royale and the bus stop.

Something to keep in mind, the main pool at CBR is under construction right now until mid September.


The pool renovation is a BIG consideration!
Our trip is in late September but you never know if construction will be completed on time. I don’t know if I want to take that chance.


We’ve stayed at both POFQ & CBR. I would recommend POFQ. It is a much smaller resort, very nice pool for the kids & adults, boats to DTD, nice foodcourt, the resort itself is clean and gorgeous and the bus service is great. There is only one bus stop for FQ and yes, you do haves stops in PORS but POFQ is the first pickup & first drop off. The bus wait time for us averaged 10 minutes for our September stay.

We stayed at CBR last August. We stayed in Barbados. The resort is huge so make sure you are located near the main pool area. Otherwise, if you want a snack or something to eat at the foodcourt you are in for a very long walk, will have to drive your car, or will have to take an internal bus.
The wait time for buses for us was quite long, 20-30 minutes on average and sometimes with waits of up to 50 minutes. Like posted, there are alot of stops too.
I would not recommend Barbados section as we had several problems there with our room, resort & pool that were severe enough that led to us being relocated to CSR during our stay.
A relative of ours stayed in Martinque at the same time as us and said both the room, pool & resort area was clean and beautiful and that they had no problems. Though they did experience a long bus wait time as well.

Have a good vacation!


I have stayed at POR, POFQ and CBR. My favorite is CBR but with the pool construction I would say POFQ. We did not like POR at all but most people here love it. The slide at POFQ is a big hit with the kids!


The pool construction was going to be my bit of info so I’m glad someone already stated that for you. I totally agree with choosing POR b/c you never know it things are running late. But if you were more inclined to stay at CBR you can always check through Sept even the day of arrival and if it’s open change your resort.
But either way you want the main pool open, it really adds to the theme of the resort so much. I can’t wait to see what it looks like tho.


I have stayed at both CBR and POFQ, and I liked them both. Although CBR does have plenty of bus stops, you can request which village you prefer. We asked for Jamaica and ended up in Aruba. We were the second stop on the bus route, so we never had a problem getting on unless there were too many from Jamaica. Also, since each village has its own pool, we actually never went to the main pool. The path around the lake is nice to walk as well (even though you get PLENTY of walking done in the parks :laugh: ). I did like POFQ too because everything is much closer, and I just liked the theme more. I am sure that whichever one you pick you will enjoy. Have fun!


This is great advice!

I wonder if it would be tricky to make a change with FD.


I like POR, It has plenty of bus stops, and depending on your driver and which way he goes depends on who get drop of frist.


I wasn’t too fond of CBR when we went in Oct last year. We have stayed at both POFQ and POR in the fall and never had a problem. CBR has A LOT of walking, and found to be at the mercy of the buses. I’d see like 3 epcot buses before a MK bus would come. It was as if stevie wonder set up the schedule. Both PO resorts def have their ups. Easy to manuver, good location, and the buses were pretty frequent.
Good luck in your search


We have stayed at CBR, POFQ and POR. Of all of them, would choose POFQ. It is smaller than the others and easier to get around. They are all nice, and have distinctive themes, so I would say that it depends on what you are looking for.


I can’t tell you about Port Orleans - but we have stayed at Caribbean Beach several times and think it’s wonderful.


POR is a dream! It is beautiful and so peaceful. You will love a stay here so if you get the chance to, please stay here. I would recommend Alligator Bayou lodge 28 or magnolia Terrace Arcadia building. All very close to bus stops and near to main building without being right on the doorstep so to speak. Just depends on whether you want the more oppulent style or rustic style.
we adore this resort.


Thanks for all the input. We are going to stick with POR and try CBR next time when we know for certain the pool will be open.

I’m also going to drop by POFQ on one of our non-park days this September. I love the pool at POFQ but have not had a chance to check out the rest of the resort area.