Where to stay in Baltimore?


I’m traveling to Virginia in late April and we plan to stop in Baltimore, MD to see an Orioles vs. Yankee game. Does anyone know of a decent (not too expensive) hotel to stay near Camden Yards? Our parking pass near the stadium got messed up so I am not sure about where else to park so I thought it might be good to stay at hotel near the ballpark. Any suggestions? There are six of us (3 adults and 3 kids) so we will need a suite or two rooms.


We have stayed at the Marriott Waterfront, but that is on the other side of the bay… the renissance was great which is in the center of the bay… but I also stayed at the sherton… it was okay don’t remember how much it was. There are a bunch of hotels/motels right near the statium


If you are driving, you might consider north of Baltimore… Back in October 2006, I stayed at the Hunt Valley Marriott, which was nice… But I was astonished at the cost of hotels in the Washington D.C./Baltimore region. :ohmy: I ended up staying a night in the Peabody in the city, as I had a coupon for Expedia, but that was a little more boutique than I wanted…

I used Priceline for the Marriott, it’s your best bet. :pirate:


Thanks…I was looking at some cheaper places outside of Baltimore. We will just need to get into the city early to find parking for the game.


We live in PA and go to O’s games frequently. If you stay north of the city, just drive down 83 until you get to the end of it in the city. At the light make a right and drive several blocks until you get to Eutaw Street. Make a left on Eutaw and on the right they’ll be a parking lot that usually charges $10 to park. Almost directly across from it on the left is a parking garage that I believe is $15, but after the game you may wait a long time to get out of it. We’ve parked at the little lot for about 10 yrs. and the people there are very trustworthy. It’s about a 3 block walk to the stadium and you’re right at the Eutaw Gate where Boog’s BBQ is. Have fun!


I agree, and the Hunt Valley area is very nice. You could also try the Timonium exit which is just south of Hunt Valley, there are several hotels there but I don’t know about price.


I live near that area, and its not to safe near the ballpark. Pay more and stay at the harbour if you can.


Thanks for the suggestions and directions. If we stay in the city, I will aim for the harbour.


I think my parents stayed in a Days Inn somewhat near the stadium two years ago and said it was pretty nice.


When we went to Baltimore we Pricelined a 4 star room and got it for a really low price. As long as it’s in the area you want and is a nice place, who cares which one, right?


I ended up booking an Embassey Suites in Huntsville. I wanted to do priceline but we have too many people in the party (6). We definitely try Priceline in the future.


Embassy Suites in Hunt Valley is great. Try Wegman’s right next door I love it…