Where to stay, where to stay...help me DC


Hey all, only 77 days till I leave and I’m going into obsessive planning mode!!!

I’m going to go down a day early and stay at a value resort…keep in mind I have NEVER ever been to WDW…

I know I don’t want ASSports :tongue:
But having never seen any of them, I don’t know if I want all star movies, music or pop century…I love jazz so maybe music? I really don’t know I need the help of DC :mickey:


I stayed at Pop Century the night before I checked in and it was perfect. The taxi fare was about $14 to Vista Way where we had to check in. Not bad at all. So my vote is for Pop. :mickey:


i voted for ASMo. we stayed there for our wedding trip and had a great time. Seeing the larger than life Buzz and Woody and Andy’s room at the toy story buildings, the 101 dalmations, fanatasia characters, herbie, and the mighty ducks really was amazing. i especially loved stepping into andy’s room. i felt like an ant. it was awesome.


I voted ASMO because to me it had such great Disney appeal! Walking around and seeing Fantasia themes, and the Toy Story areas-they just screamed Disney to me and I got goosebumps seeing all those and knowing I was really in Disney!! :mickey: :mickey:


I’ve never stayed at any of them, but if I were to choose a Value, I think I’d go with Pop.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.


I’m with InGAMBa on this one. (Say it like that: InGAMBa - it’s really alot of fun, almost as fun as saying SALSA!!)

If I had to pick one it would be Pop! That resort is just begging for some fun to be had in it. Tessa, you’re perfect for it, with your big, beautiful smile! :c)

I’m very excited for you!!!


I voted for Pop Century


check out the sildeshows on allearsnet.com…they may help your decision…but i voted for pop!


SALSA! I say that word ALL the time, at just random moments!!! HAHAHAHA

inGAMba…sALSa…LOL!!! oh boy phew That was quite the laugh attack, thank Erin


Not stayed in any thus far of those, but I voted for movies, for symbolic Disney-film value. But I tend to be a tad more symbolically-focused than may be useful.



thanks for the site Bella…I think Pop will be where I’ll stay.


I went with the AS movies. Of all the values, this one speaks to me the most. I love the disney character icons…to cute.


I voted for Music, but I changed my mind. If Gingita has been-there-done-that, I would follow the lead.


Thanks for the confidence boost Boss Mouse! :laugh:


I voted for Pop. But ASMo does have a ‘real Disney’ quality about it - everything you’ve seen in the movies is larger than life.


Hey - you work there - you’re my idol.


Seeing as you are a music enthusiast…you must pick ASMusic! Its a great resort, and you will absolutely love it!


eeee, I’m so torn! lol, I have time to decide though :tongue:
Music + because I LOVE jazz and am a singer
Movies + Disney “magic” of the movies brought to life
Pop + Ginger stayed there. It’s new and cool and looks really great.

Well, that didn’t help me at all :laugh: :happy: