Where to stay with 7 people?


I’m planning a trip for late Jan 2009 for 7 of us. It will be me (26), DH (28), Mom (51), sis (25), sis (17), bro (15), and our infant (3mo at time of trip). Where do you recommend we stay with that many people? Should we do adjoining rooms or look into a villa? I’m hesitant to do something like a villa only because I know the baby will be awake a lot and I would feel bad if it disturbed everyone else. I’ve stayed at CBR, PO, and WL in the past and disliked PO very much so that’s not an option. Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated since I’m still in the very early stages of planning! Thanks!


I would get two rooms.


What about at Cabin at Fort Wilderness?


Normally I would say a villa but with such a small baby you’ll probably want and need your privacy!
I’d book adjoining rooms at a moderate or deluxe depending on your budget. I noticed you stayed at PO when it was Dixie Landing…have you ever stayed at POFQ? It’s a bit smaller than PO and has a little different themeing and seems nice.


That sounds pretty tight with a new baby.


I’d either do two rooms or a two bedroom suite or a grand villa.
Also, I’d talk this out with all of you and see what everyone else wants.
Budget is going to be key here!
For ease of getting around, the monorail resorts would be first choice, followed by WL/VWL.


I’d rent points and get two studios at Old Key West.


What do you think about a studio and a one bedroom at OKW as an option?
I remember how it was when we were touring and there were 8 of us in two rooms. Actually 3 in one and 5 in the other as the lead singer and “star” didn’t share his bed, and I couldn’t sleep with another man, so I slept on the floor.
eventually we on the road crew rebelled and we got our own room every night after that.
The point is, 4 people in a studio could get a little crowded after a while too.
Especially if brother doesn’t want to share a bed with mom.


We go with 8 all the time. We get the 2 bedroom villa. We put 2 in the master with baby (king bed), 2 in the living room (pull out queen), and 4 in the other bedroom (it’s esentially a studio). At the Boardwalk the 2nd bedroom is a pull out couch bed (queen) and a queen bed. At SSR, the 2nd bedroom has 2 queen beds.

If you have the baby in 1 of the bedrooms, it shouldn’t bother any of the others staying with you - it’s no worse than having ajoining rooms. We like having the 2 bedroom villa because we have the living room area and kitchen to hang out together, and then the privacy to go into our “own” area later. And it’s nice to have them close to help with the baby too. We took my son when he was 6 months old - no problem!

Have fun planning the trip!!


Thanks for all the suggestions! I’m going to call Disney today and get a quote on a 2br villa at Beach Club and then a quote on 2 or 3 rooms at CBR. My Mom liked both ideas so we’ll see. My bro wants to stay at WL Villas so I don’t know what we’ll do yet. Everyone else is sold on Beach Club because of the convenience to all the parks and since there won’t be any young children, I don’t see us spending more than a couple days at MK so WL won’t be as convenient. I love having so many choices! It makes the planning just that much more fun! :slight_smile:


We love OKW. I think you should go with that plan. Not the studio though. Get the 2 bedroom suite.


We stayed at the SSR with our large family. It was very spacious. We were in the 2 bedroom villa. Plus you have a washer, dryer and kitchen.


I think your thinking is correct and you should all get seperate rooms at a moderate resort…value suite might not be a bad idea and will give you more options with feeding the baby (micorwave and a fridge). Definately do not get a villa for all 7 of you…you and baby may need a nap or down time and that may not be possible with everyone around.


just curious why the dislike of PO


I stayed there when it was Dixie Landings on 2 separate trips and it was ok but I’d go back to CBR over it anytime!!! The rooms weren’t well kept and the CM’s weren’t as friendly as in the rest of the world. The transportation was incredibly slow. We went to POFQ just to look around and I just think it’s an ugly resort. It’s cold and dark feeling. I like having a pool at each “island” at CBR because the main pools are so crowded. We like the privacy of CBR. That’s the main reason we haven’t even been back to WL. I love, love, love that resort but the pool just doesn’t work for my family and we spend a lot of our vacation in the pool. That and the transportation there isn’t great when you spend the majority of your trip at Epcot.


PO has 7 pools I think ,and FQ has the one and and to me the beauty of the mansion side along the river and the quiet is just what hits it for me ,I will agree that the transportaion can be iffy but no more than the 8 stops at cbr ,but if you are happy with were you stay that is the important thing ,Ithink that si why they have so many ,and varying resorts …I am just glad to be there


Well, my Mom made her decision! I gave rough estimates on pricing based on 2008’s value pricing and showed pics of several resorts. She decided hands down that we “needed” to stay at Beach Club. Haha! She’s very excited now! :slight_smile: Thanks for your opinions and thoughts everyone!


have a magical time…from a disney fan to a disney fan


Great decision!! You will have an awesome time!! You will love the quick trips to Epcot and HS!! Please wave to the Boardwalk for me while you’re there!! Keep us posted on all your ADR’s and other plans!! Good stuff to keep you busy while you wait for the baby!! The time will fly by!!


We travel w/ 7 also, but no babies. A two bedroom villa and a studio work very well for us.