Where to stay?


Any recomendation on where to stay…CLEAN…AFFORADBLE???


what area are you thinking of?


All of the Disney resorts are clean…
Affordable… depends on how much you want to spend… the values are affordable… Movies, Music, Sports, & POP


We love POP Century!!!


All-Star Music . . . the hotel and rooms just had a MAJOR overhaul!! :happy:


We stay at the Pop Century and we love it.


I thought you had already picked the place to stay :blink:
I must be hallucinating

Pick POR


I’m with Dopey…on all aspects…including the hallucinating:mellow:


Are you not staying at Coronado anymore? Do you mean at the airport? I’m confuselled.:blink:
Pop is supposed to be nice and clean and affordable.


Pop, Port Orleans riverside I’ll let you know about french quarter next month.


Not Disney Resort…in Orlando Area


I didnt know there were hotels outside of disney :slight_smile:

Take a look on hotels.com and see what they have when you type in Orlando, they have good reviews.

I have stayed at the Marriott but it was over 10 years ago so Im not sure what it is like now. I remember when i stayed at the Buena Vista Palace, I loved that place when it was around.


how about the AAA website? they rate them, and if you are a member, you can get a discount sometimes.


I stayed at the Buena Vista Suites . . . clean—FREE breakfast buffet in the morning and transportation to Disney. This is RIGHT on the edge of Lake Buena Vista and Orlando . . . do you want close to the airport?


We stayed for a night at the Caribe Royal. We had a one bedroom suite. We got a good deal through mousesavers.com. They tend to give good deals on a variety of hotels outside of Disney.


I have been looking at hotels.com (I think - it was a few days ago) that offer service to Universal. Some of the comments about some of the hotels were scary.


Nick Hotel!!!

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Try at the Country Inn 1/2 mile from DTD… I’ve heard they are really nice and good prices.