Where & what should I do?


I have been researching so many different options for an upcoming trip that I’ve ultimately :wacko: confused:wacko: myself into a corner ~ so I am asking for all your advice on helping me get pointed in the right direction!

We will heading off for WDW in February with 2 of our sons for yet another band trip.:happy: We will be purchasing Annual Passes this year because we plan on a summer trip preferably at the end of June with the whole family (8 total)

Since we will be going again in the summer, I’m not sure where to stay or when to book the resort or if we should rent points. If we can get a discount with our APs or take advantage of the Bounceback program, it would be way cheaper to just book 2 rooms or even a Villa than to rent points.

So please give me your advice on what you think we should do.


Sorry I was trying to post a poll but it didn’t take …I’ll try it again.


Renting points can be a cheaper alternative. If you are trying to save money in the process…then why don’t you stay at a Value Resort. You can get Value Resorts for as low as $64.00 per night with the AP. That might be a less expensive way to travel. If you have AAA you can save quite a bit on your ap’s also you can book through AAA as well.


The bounce back offer we got last month wasn’t good for just any date. We could get a 40% discount for villas and a 30% discount for deluxe resorts for the following dates: 8/10-9/27, 10/19-11/1, 11/9-11/15, and 11/30-12/13. Basically the offer was for ‘sower’ times and not summer. I don’t know if there is a different offer for moderates but that’s the one we got at WL.


The bounceback offer is typically only good for the slow times.


We really would like to stay at either Animal Kingdom or the Beach Club for this trip. We would take any savings if we can since we would be paying for the whole group.

Should I buy my APs through AAA? How much cheaper are they?


I did hear there were certain date restrictions. I really don’t want to go in August again and June works better with everyones schedule for next year, so that was a concern for the BB Program…but its such a great deal!:pinch:


I never heard of a Bounce Back Offer for June.

I would entertain the option of renting points for Studios. Or going through AAA and getting a discount. If a Disney AP discount becomes available, you might be able to apply that, too!


Last February we got an awesome AP deal for ASMusic and I’m sure that you’d get a GREAT deal on AKL or BC by having that AP—I think the only downside to those AP discounts is having to wait for the dates to be released!!!

I also believe that they offered AP discounts this year in June too! So having that AP will probably save you a bit of money!


Ohhh!!! Thats great news!:goofybounce:

Do you remember what kind of discounts they had for June? I know I can’t count on them, but atleast it will give me an idea.:happy:


My experience has been that there are AP rates available almost all the time. You just have to keep your eye out for the announcements that come every month or two because the discount periods are only 1-2 months for each offer.
i.e.- January-mid or end of February depending on when Easter is.

We stayed at AKL with AP rates in June and the room was $179 for garden view.
If it’s value season, the values will be something like $65-75 a night.
These are ballpark guestimates.


As always, you are so knowledgeable!:flowers: Thanks for the guestimates, thats at least helps me with idea of what may come.:happy: