Where will the Magic GO?


Disney is expected to announce this week a new route for the orginal Disney Cruise line Ship, The Magic. There has been alot of specultion as to where it might be headed, the only thing I think we can conclude is it won’t be staying in North America.


ooooooooh heading to Europe?
If someone could clarify…is it the Magic or the Wonder that has the Little Mermaid dining toom (heh heh heh) because I really want to eat there when I take my cruise next January.


I’d like to see it sail Pacific Mexico in the winter, and Alaska in the summer months.



It is the Wonder, great ship!



Panama canal maybe?


I have heard rummors it may go to Europe or possibly over to hong kong and japan. I guess we should know in one more day.


Wow, totally surprised. I have known it was going to Europe for a month now, but I had assumed they would sail out of England, but I had no idea they would start in Barcelona. Time to start saving up some money, those 11 night cruises would be a blast.


I too thought that the Magic would be sailing out of England! Either Portsmouth or Dover! Barcelona is a bit of a shock! :mickey:


Yes, P.T., as GrumpyDad said, it is indeed the Wonder! And it IS a great ship! They have a really nice tile mural in “Triton’s”, the restaurant where the statue of Ariel is in front of! Here’s a pic of another mural, one that surrounds one of the elevators on the Wonder! Sorry it looks distorted, but I was looking down at it to get the full picture!

(I’m not sure if I have a pic of the tile mural in Triton’s, but I’ll look!)


wow, awesome photo!!! Thanks :biggrin:
I’m glad it’s the wonder, so it’ll still be in the US, I can not wait to see all the Ariel things in there :wub:
Thanks again!


Well youe here the magic will still be here as well, its leaving in May of 2007. Its really cool to see both of them at once, but really rare to see it too.