Where's Beaches and Cream?


I’ve seen people mention eating here but I’m not sure where it’s located.
Is this just a dessert shop or a sit down eatery? Is it included in the dining plan?

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It’s at The Beach Club and it’s a “burger joint” - with great burgers and unbelievable ice cream concoctions. I think it’s considered counterservice and yes it’s on the DP.


It’s a table service credit but I would pay out of pocket and save the credit, it’s pretty cheap for a sit down restaurant.


Llama is right, it is on the DDP and it’s considered one “sit down” credit per person. They have great burgers, hot sandwiches and stuff, but the REAL attraction is all the ice cream sundaes and creations. It’s really great!! Their burgers are phenomenal, and they let you substitute fries for a small fruit platter, which was nice.

I actually put lots of pictures and info from Beaches and Cream in my latest trip report. You can see what kinda place it is. (It’s towards the beginning, within the first couple pages)


I think Beaches and Cream has the BEST burger on WDW property!!! And there ice cream isn’t bad, either! YUM! (No Way Jose is my personal fave)

It is on the dining plan, but you need to use a TS credit and you’re better off paying OOP for this meal…it’s VERY reasonable to eat here!


caln, Beaches & Cream is one of my favorite WDW restaurants. As folks have mentioned the prices are very reasonable (especially for a WDW table service restaurant.) It is an extremely popular spot though and relatively small to accommodate all of its patrons. They do not accept ADRs. So, if you are visiting during a busy season, you may have to wait (an hour or more!) to be seated. There is an arcade next door though so you could kill time there if you are so inclined.


I echo the sentiments of best burger on property!!!


this place is SO on my list of ‘to do’s’ on my next vacation! :laugh: