Where's the good rates?


Is it my imagination, or is Disney done with the great discounts. I have never paid more that around $160.00 a night for AKL. Now, no matter what dates I choose, they are all over $300.00 a night. What’s going on?


Well that depends on when you are going and what kind of view you are requesting. Do you have a annual pass? If you don’t, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a good discount. It seems like the best way to get a decent price for AKL like the one you want is to go at value season, get a standard view and have an AP. The place goes for $199 a night in value season and that’s for a standard view. If you are getting quotes for $300 a night, I am curious as to what kind of room and when you are going. That’s a serious high price for AKL…that’s Polynesian prices.


The last time I saw a good General Public Discount was last December (04!)

I looks like Disney has done away with them…basically because they dont need them


Last time we went we used Disney Visa’s offer of buy 4 nights, get 3 free. I’m paying 315/night this Fall…but it’s worth it


I was looking for general public discounts last summer and they never came out so I ended up getting an AP to get a room discount.


After 9/11, tourism fell through the floor, and it hit WDW hard–even halting construction of Pop Century’s Classic Years rooms. The discount codes were a way to get people to book vacations.

In the last couple of years, WDW has rebounded to new record attendance. Like Bella said, they Disney doesn’t need to offer the discounts any longer, because they know the rooms will book without them.