Whew! It's all here!


The cruiseline really drags it’s feet getting documents out But THEY ARE HERE!! I got my WDW documents, Cruise documents, Luggage tags, ME vouchers, and the cool little Pass Holder Mouseketrips sends with your reservations!!



Less than 24 hours!!!

Can you tell I am a little excited?!?:blush:


WOW…how exciting! Have a WONDERFUL time!!!


awesome!!! have a great time, take lots of pics, write a trip report for us - please!!!


Wow, have a great time! There’s nothing like getting that last batch of documents to get you excited!


How exciting! Please bring back lots of photos of your cruise. Can’t wait for your TR.

Have a great time!

Bon Voyage!


Post lost of pics . . . I’m so jealous always wanted to do the cruise!!! :blush: :blush:
Have a FANTASTIC time!!!


Yay!!! and Yay!!!

I CAN’T wait to hear how you love the cruise!!!

Have SO MUCH fun!!!


Bonvioge Your @ sea in 1 hour


I couldn’t hear you. Where did you say you were going??:laugh:

Can’t wait to hear all about it!:happy:


Wow… I have been for three days and everyone is leaving - have a great time.


WOW- have a great time!!!