Which Airlines?


Which airlines do you like to use for your Disney trip? We are going May 16-23 (put the deposit down today) and flying out of Philadelphia International Airport. TIA


Whichever airline has the best fares! Seriously, I shop around until I find the best fares and flight times. I like non stops best, but short layovers are ok, if I am going to save money.


You are such a shopper :cool:


We love Southwest. They usually have good prices and their service is always good.


Speaking of Southwest, does anyone know when I will be able to book a flight for the 2nd half of May?


I wish I knew. love SWA because they don’t change their flights once they post them but I hate waiting.


I also love Southwest. You can take 2 bags plus carryon at no extra costs and their prices usually are the lowest.

I also agree, In a total of 5 round trip flights in 2 years for my family, not one of them had a flight time changed and only 1 flight ran about 30 minutes late due to weather.


We like Southwest too, but I do have to say last time we flew with Northwest and they were great! Much better than in the past.


I have heard a lot of good things about Southwest, right now the cheapest flight I found is on AirTran. Has anyone ever used them?


I have always preferred Southwest. Even if you dont’ get a great fare at first, they always drop down sooner or later. You just have to be vigilant.

And remember: when you look at comparison airfare sites, Southwest isn’t going to be included. You can only check out their flights on their own website.


also the fare is not the only consideration…cost of luggage etc must be factored in…also another poster alluded to the fact that you can booka fare and without penalty,rebook the same flight if the fare goes lower…they put the difference on hold it is called travel funds and can be used the next time you fly…they also just released the early may fares on nov 6 so it probably will be a while before the next block is realeased…call them soon and they will let you know if the next release date has been determined


Fly out of Atlantic City. Less hassle and spirit has good prices.


We are headed down in December and booked our flights way earlier this year. 13 of us are flying together and some of us were able to get a $269 deal with USAirways. The others were slightly above $300. We booked through WDW and they found the $269 deal for us. I like the convenience of booking when I call rather than checking month after month, with fear that I may end up paying $400+ for a plane ticket.


We were going to fly with USAir last December but they changed our flight sooo many times we finally gave up and booked with SWA. Good thing, we got a cell phone update and our flight would have been more than 4 hours late causing us to miss MVMCP that night. Never again–even with the free round trip vouchers they gave us when I called to complain.


I am going to disney world on January 14-18 2009. And We are flying Jet Blue but i need the number for Jet Blue! Can you help me please!


1-800-jetblue (538-2583)


Thank you for the info!


if you don’t have your tickets already …do a search on kayak.com good portal to see who has the best fares …also jet blue ocassionally has 10% off coupons …look for them ,and you had better check everyones baggage policy the fare might be lower but if you are checking bags …the total might be higher


I need the website of Jetblue! I’m a member of Jetblue!


[QUOTE=Caseys Corner;903882]Fly out of Atlantic City. Less hassle and spirit has good prices.[/QUOTE]Not as much as they used to. With paying for every checked bag and for a reserved seat, it’s gotten a lot more expensive. However, relative to the other airlines, it may still be cheaper but nowadays their only saving grace is whether or not you get a sale fare, like when they have their $9 fares. Then again, to get those, you have to pay to join the $9 Fare Club. I typically only fly from between MB and AC, though.