Which airport-to-resort transportation do you recommend?


I’m taking my Fab Five, ages 7-16, to the World for a SURPRISE trip in November. What transportation do you recommend? I’ve used Mears as well as Tiffany Towncar but only when it was just myself.


There’s only one choice: www.quicksilver-tours.com

They are a DC sponsor and Gregory (the owner) is a DC member. I’ve used them as have a number of other DC’ers. An easy choice: affordable and great service.


Thanks! I’ll definately check them out!
So you don’t think they’ll have a problem with it being 6 of us?


We’ve done Tiffany 3 years in a row. Always had great service.


We never had a problem with tiffany either.


I do beluieve Quicksilver can accombidate large groups. I think they have vans that can take you, or a Limo. That would make a great surprise!!


We will be happy to transport your “Fab Five” to WDW. You’ll need one of our vans which fits up to 10 passengers. :smile:

For any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at any time.


Gregory Nicolas.
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I just have to say Gregory, I think it is awesome that you sponsor on DC AND post!!! You really help us out, in the transportation department!!! Thanks!


Thanks disneyguy.
I sponsor many discussion forums and I still try to find time to post as much as possible. I do think it is importatnt to be part of it, not only be a spectator. I hope to be able to continue helping everyone with their transportation questions for a long time.


Gregory Nicolas.


What a guy! :biggrin: Maybe it should be called “Superstar” Limo after its stellar owner!!! :wink:


I’m not sure what to do!! I really want to use a towncar service (preferably Quicksilver) but, it’s just 2 adults. And, we want to save SOME money, but time is also important. We land in MCO at 9:30 am and want to be playing in the parks by noon! haha. I know that Mears is cheaper, because it’s just 2 people, and I know that we won’t be needing the phone call or grocery stop. Any thoughts on if I should just do Mears and lose a little time to save money, or spend the cash on quicksilver but not take advantage of the benefits (other than the timesaver)? arrgh! why can’t I make decisions!? :laugh: :wacko: :blink:


There is always 2 in my party when I travel to WDW. I have always used Mears and had no problems.


For us it’s always a matter of priorities…& being in WDW as soon as possible with as little hassle as possible is #1 for us. Although we don’t throw money away, we always make sure that the towncar is in our budget because we don’t want the incovenience of using Mears. Towncars just start & end the vacation on a positive note.


I’v ebeen trying to justify booking a towncar for just my DH and I - thanks - You just did it for me!!!


I completely agree about being there as soon as possible, but, I know that we won’t take advantage of the grocery stop or phone call. I feel like I may be paying for some great services that I won’t be using, you know? what about a cab from MCO to wilderness lodge at 10am? Anyone have a ballpark of costs or if this would be wise?


Glad to be of service!!! :wink:


For me Quicksilver is the only company I feel safe with after seeing the way most of these towncars drive down here, I’d never ride with anyone but Quicksilver. If you look in the transportation forum you will find some reviews of there service by me. I can assure you Quicksilver has some of the finest drivers in the Area!