Which behind the scenes tour is the best?


:mickey:We are currently doing some early planning for our STNY (same time next year) trip to Disney in the fall. We hope to be able to do a behind the scenes tour but I wanted to get any thoughts you may have for what’s good, what’s great, what’s not so good, etc. :blink: I know that some of the tours are quite expensive and lengthy. I want to get a good feel for what goes on behind the scenes but not be tied up for a whole day. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :laugh:


We did the Segway tour and LOVED it! It was behind the scenes at Epcot’s World Showcase before it opened. It was awesome.


I read a little about that tour. Was it hard to get the hang of the Segway?


Undiscovered Future World
Wild By Design
Backstage Safari
Magic Behind The Steam Trains
As for the Segway, no, it really wasn’t so hard to get the hang of it.
I’m sure I got the hang of the Segway much faster than riding a bike.
However, it was nice to have ridden a Segway in Epcot before we tackled the off road version at Fort Wilderness.


I’ve done the Keys to the Kingdom tour. It does tie you up for quite a while, but they feed you lunch. Most of the things they told us I already knew from being a Disney freak, but it was really cool getting to see the parade float area backstage and the utilidors underground. The tour is for the 16+ crowd, though. Strict age limit (though they never IDed me… and I look 12, apparently).

I’ll add that the Segway tour is also for people ages 16 and up.
As well as the big 3-park behind-the-scenes tour.

Wild by Design is 14 and up. It looks really cool. I’d like to do this tour. And not to threadjack, but I’d be very interested to hear what Soundgod though of this tour.


We wanted to do one of the tours, too, but all of the ones that really interested us have age limits that are older than DS. So we’re going to Cirque instead. :happy: Maybe in a few years.


Segways were easy to get a hang of. I am terribly clumsy and was afraid that I would drive into the lagoon or something. I didn’t!


I’ve done the Keys to the Kingdom and that’s pretty good.

The Aqua Seas tour at EPCOT is cool too. They have one for certified divers and another which is a scuba assisted snorkel that anybody can do, You have a snokel vest (floats) and a small airtank. You are in a wet suit and use a scuba hose and requlator but you just swim at the surface. The tank is a couple of hundred feet across and there are A LOT of fish, including some very BIG ones.


Wild by Design is 14 and up. It looks really cool. I’d like to do this tour. And not to threadjack, but I’d be very interested to hear what Soundgod though of this tour.[/QUOTE]

Funny story, although I did like and recommend Wild By Design.
We only did the second half of the tour.
We overslept the morning we did it and thanks to the club concierge CMs, we were able to join the tour already in progress.
So, we still need to do the full tour.
This was the first tour we took that they gave each tourist a personal radio receiver so they could hear the tour guide all the time.

Most tours are 16 and older.
One exception is Mickey’s Magical Milestones in the MK.


Thanks for the reply Soundgod. I’ll have to read up on Wild by Design. That must have been a fairly long tour. At least they let you join in late. I’ll check it out. thanks :laugh:


Wild By Design, like most of the tours, is three hours long.


—we did Behind the Seeds at Epcot last month. It was really good. Takes you behind the scenes in The Land. Little ones might find it boring but we loved it.